A NYC job pays $120k to hear people vent about parking tickets

Imagine a job where you get paid to hear people complain. Now, imagine the complaining are blasting off about parking tickets and these vent sessions include you taking home a $120k salary.

Well, it’s all true. Recently, the Department of Finance filled a new role: “parking summons advocate.” The job includes supporting NYC drivers’ complaints, questions, and other issues. According to Patch, “The new ambassador, Jean Wesh, will act as a liaison between the public and the department, which collects and processes parking fines, spokeswoman Sonia Alleyne said.”

The position evolved for the department’s need to improve customer service and develop a system to support NYC drivers. Plus, the job will identify problems and provide solutions for people contesting or paying tickets. The take home pay for the job is $120,000.

[H/t via Patch]

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