Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

A Memorial-ble night of comedy (NAILED IT!)

You’re not planning to leave town or anything this weekend, are you? Of course not! Not when Brooklyn is packed with so many fun and free events that will put lake houses and road trips to Ohio to shame. Crowning the apex of Memorial Weekend is the super free Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy monthly show at Hank’s Saloon. What better way to celebrate America, Veterans, the start of beach season and WWF Superstar ice cream pops—one of those has to be what Memorial Day commemorates, right?—than to get drunk on cheap booze and see a night of comedy? Featured performers will be Adam Newman, Myka Fox, Julia Stratmann, Shane Shane, Ashley Brooke Roberts, and your humble cabana boy (aka me), also including the vocal stylings of Aerial East, as well as the second episode of Brokelandia!

And if all those bbqs on Saturday and Sunday have given you some good material for your own act, there’s a Joke Contest at the end of the night, with the hallowed prize of a $20 bar tab—a king’s ransom at Hank’s. You know what? I’m not even going to try to convince you to come anymore. I’m going to try to charge my own fee at the door, because this event is clearly giving away the farm. You better not expect to be treated this well on Labor Day… that’s all I’m saying.

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