A map to help you find the McRib, if that’s what you really want

mcribThe McRib occupies a place in American urban legend somewhere above “mixing pop rocks and soda will blow you up” and “Bigfoot is real.” The sandwich’s scarcity baffles some and was the subject of an investigation that set the internet on fire by Brokelyn alum Willy Staley. McDonald’s is getting in one last McRib run just in case Friday really is the end. But if you want to eat one of these pork-like sandwiches, are you just supposed to run around hoping the McDonald’s you go into is one of the elusive “participating stores?” Well, you don’t have to do that anymore, because there’s a crowdsourced map doing the work for all us.

The simply-named McRib locator is a map that relies on McRib-aware citizens to alert their fellow humans to the existence of the sandwich. Sightings are broken into confirmed/possible/and questionable sightings of the elusive fast food talisman. The map doesn’t work merely for Brooklyn, as this is a national obsession. But there is a confirmed sighting in Bath Beach and a possible one in East Flatbush. Manhattan meanwhile, has the most confirmed sightings with five. So now whose food scene is bullshit, New York Observer?

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