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If you’ve been lobbying Craigslist to start a  “green jobs for foodies” section, take a break and try this place instead. Sustainable Food Jobs is a new job-listing site dedicated to, yep, you guessed it, only jobs in the sustainable-food sector. Started in November last year by a college grad who wanted to work sustainably, but didn’t know where to look, the site lists jobs nationwide with non-profits, farms, restaurants, grassroots organizations and anywhere else a green food-related job is likely to be had. The listings are organized by region and by type, with the “Northeast”  section showing three NYC-based jobs posted this week alone (forager, culinary assistant and farm food delivery associates). The culinary assistant opening is a Park Slope gig, by the way.

SFJ doesn’t claim to be comprehensive, but it does promise to provide “the most up-to-date job opportunities available in the domestic sustainable food and agriculture sector.” There’s also a list of sustainable-food organizations around the country, in case you want to do some searching on your own.

So, take a look and find that dream green job.  Have a sustainable food opportunity to post? Email it to sustainablefoodjobs (at) gmail.com for a free listing.

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