A Brooklynite gone bumpkin on city vs. country, two years later

Jimmy Fallon's childhood home in Saugerties: almost like he never left!

Three great posts today on Upstater, the Catskills answer to Brownstoner. The first is a post from a former Brooklynite who decamped for the Catskills two years ago and now talks about what she loves about life upstate, what she doesn’t love, and what she misses about Brooklyn (No. 4 “The Brooklyn thing. Just being at the epicenter of this incredible, growing, pulsing growth, and excitement. I miss that. I do.”). A good read for anyone who ever flirts with the idea of going off the grid. Then there’s a post about an entire bungalow colony for sale for just $50,000. We smell a brokester-tunity. Says Upstater:

“Looks like it’s only a couple of acres, but the taxes are currently less than $1800 a year (we’re pretty sure that would go up when they’re seasonally occupied and the place is turned into a co-op, which it probably would. Stay tuned for an interview with a real estate lawyer about how to do this).” Bookmark that one. Seriously. Elsewhere on Upstater, Jimmy Fallon’s childhood home also looks pretty nice for $210,000.

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  1. niko_bellic

    The Brooklynite gone bumpkin post doesn’t make any sense. 3 of the 7 things he is happy to leave behind are related to parking. He says he used to spend 7 hours a week looking for parking. Not sure where exactly he lived, but here in Willamsburg I spend around 1/2 hour a week looking for parking (not that many locals have cars, and visitors come and go at a pretty high frequency). I guess I’m as good as moved to Catskills as it is!

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