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A Brooklyn vodka now exists. Would you pay $23 for it?

A bike wheel! Because it's made in Brooklyn, obvs

This sure isn’t that Absolut-ly dubious branding campaign Spike Lee attached himself to a few years ago. For the first time, you can now get actual Brooklyn-made vodka (as in, with that famous, bagel-christening BK water) at local liquor stores and bars, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The Brooklyn Republic Vodka is made out by a father and daughter team in a warehouse near the Navy Yard, using grains from the midwest. Brooklyn Paper says you can get it at  Juice Box Wine and Spirits in Windsor Terrace and at bars Cherry Tree and Commonwealth in Park Slope. It sells for $23, we assume for the bottle sized pictured here. So I want to try it but … don’t have $23. Can someone check it out and report back whether it’s worth splurging on over the $15 handle of glorified rubbing alcohol I usually get?


  1. No thanks!

    This vodka is as made in Brooklyn as a cup of fountain soda from McDonald’s. Step 1: buy a tank of neutral grain spirits. Step 2: mix it with “Brooklyn” water (ignoring the fact that you have to filter all the “Brooklyn” out or it won’t mix well with the high proof sprits). Step 3: profit? Puh-leeze. Stick with the rubbing alcohol – you’ll get the same exact stuff in a bottle that won’t shatter when you black out.

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