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$9 Mets ticket Groupon, fair price to pay for a Mets game, is back

new york mets groupon
Johan Santana celebrating how cheap a Mets game is these days. via Facebook

Even for what was supposed to be a transition year, just about everything has managed to go wrong for the 2014 Mets. Their free agent outfielders have stunk, they had no closer for weeks, their catcher of the future just got sent to the minors and Citi Field is still in their heads, making them one of the worst home teams in baseball. That last one especially makes the latest $9 Groupon for Mets tickets less of a bargain and more of the actual price you should be paying to see the Mets play baseball right now.

After all, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t go to a game. It’s summer, and that means baseball time should rarely be passed up. The $9 ticket option is for Thursday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, which should provide some interesting scenes, given that they’re led by noted steroid cheat Ryan Braun and ex-Mets farmhand Carlos Gomez, who was sent away in the Johan Santana trade. Since you’ll be sitting in the cheap seats, that means you can expect plenty of “STERRRRROIDS” catcalls and arguments about whether the Santana trade was worth it (it was). Just don’t expect them to win, since the Mets have the fifth-worst home record in all of baseball.

Plus spending just $9 on a ticket means you have more money for Citi Field’s Two Boots, the best food option in the park.

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  1. Bear in mind that it might very well be raining this Thursday evening. For two bucks more you have different options including a couple of Friday games.

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