Be a summer tour guide in the land of imagination: 826NYC is looking for a bunch of new volunteers

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C’mon, you wish you went to a tutoring session in a superhero store when you were a kid too. Via Facebook.

Today you’ll walk outside and feel a tingle of freedom in the air, an echo of mischief bouncing off a widening chasm of unstructured, no-homework time, because it’s the last official day for school for all students in New York City. I don’t care what age you are in official years right now — if you can’t share that sense memory of freedom (no matter how much ruckus it causes on the subway car right after school is let out) maybe you were never a real kid to begin with.

Anyway, school can be a bummer for even smart kids because learning isn’t always fun in a rigid environment that shares the same architectural design features as Litchfield prison. But one of the groups that’s out there making learning way more fun, even in the summertime, is 826NYC, which runs the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in Park Slope and does lots of tutoring and writing workshops to help stoke kids’ imaginations. This summer, 826 is extending its programs and is looking for more than 100 new volunteers to help staff the programs. Maybe that’s you? There’s an info session tonight if so. 

826 is recruiting a new swath of volunteers to support its growing number of students: Through Aug. 26, the goal is to recruit and train 100 new volunteers who can help out with the daytime programs. Those programs include working on creative writing projects with kids, helping them get published for the first time in the books 826 prints, and the chance to work out of your own secret writing lair (the Park Slope store has a hidden room in the back behind a shelf where the tutoring takes place).

For more info, check out the info sessions, which are held at the superhero store in Park Slope, 372 Fifth Ave.)

Today (June 28), 7pm-8:30pm

July 16, 12pm-1:30pm

Volunteer orientations will begin at the end of July and are required for any volunteers wishing to participate in the following programs. Find more info here. It’s never too late to pick up a bucket of Pride from the store too while you’re there.

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