826NYC is hiring a superhero to manage their Williamsburg location

Make sure these kids learn how to read good and things. via Facebook

You consider yourself a good person because you pay your taxes and don’t push other pedestrians into traffic, don’t start too many bar fights and have a charitable streak in you. Other people have also commented on your goodness. You’re also unemployed, but have some experience in education. Well, lucky you, because 826NYC, the nonprofit devoted to superhero supply and helping children in their creative writing endeavors, is hiring an office manager/field trip manager for their Williamsburg location. Can you be the office manager that these kids deserve and the one they need?

If you’re interested in putting on the cape and the cowl and the glasses of managing after-school tutoring, know that the job has a lot of moving parts. You’ll be overseeing the daily operations at 826’s Williamsburg location, making sure that students are learning, figuring out the best ways to reach them and teach them and figuring out ways to get volunteers to sign up at the Williamsburg location. You’ll also be putting together filed trips that take students down to the Park Slope 826NYC location, otherwise known as the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

Despite the fact that the job sounds very complicated and comes with health insurance and two weeks paid vacation, it’s within reach of you people just starting out in education. All 826NYC is looking for beyond the usual go-getter attitude and multi-tasking ability is that you have a Bachelor’s degree, two years of experience in developing education programs and working with 6-18 year olds. So if you’re a hero, get out there and prove it.

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