8 great apartments to move to for a fresh start in 2014

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You know you could see your dog running around here

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s 2014. A whole new year! So maybe it’s about time you got a fresh start, not through something stupid like “quitting drinking,” but by doing something more tangible, like finding an apartment where the neighbors don’t blast techno at all hours of the night. Living somewhere you like has a huge impact on your quality of life, so we’ve picked out a few places from our real estate section that we think will help you get a fresh start in 2014.

  • How about this three-bedroom spot in Bed-Stuy, off of the Myrtle-Willoughby G stop, for $2100/month? You’re so close to the train you’ll probably never just barely miss one again. Plus, you get a backyard, and the building is pet-friendly, so you’ll have a place for your dog to blow off some steam when she feels cooped up. Everyone wins!


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  • Want to add a seafaring element to your morning commute? If you move to this $1650/month two-bedroom in Sunset Park, you might be able to go to Manhattan on the East River Ferry. Even if you can’t, this place has plenty of light, a huge kitchen and is just a block away from the actual park. Plus, you’ll be in close proximity to so many tacos.


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  • The people who put this $1850/month two-bedroom in Kensington on the market are so confident you’ll love it they’re telling anyone who wants to live in Kensington to “take heed.” We’d tell anyone tired of waiting for their roommate to get out of the shower to take heed, no matter where you want to live, because this apartment has 1.5 bathrooms.


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  • You want a lot of people to come to your housewarming party. One way to do that is to live somewhere people want to see. Another way is to have more roommates than usual, because that’s more people to invite their friends. This four-bedroom duplex for $2900/month in Crown Heights accomplishes both of those goals, so you’ll only have to worry about cleaning up after your massive party.


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  • This $1900/month three-bedroom in Bed-Stuy looks pretty nice, plus it has some archways. But more important than that, the landlord pays for heat, which you might shrug at normally, but have you been outside lately? It’s freaking cold out there.


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  • Want to live in Greenpoint? Of course you do! And you’ll even be able to afford to do things like seeing a movie or eating if you wind up in this two-bedroom there for $1800/month. Plus, you get plenty of cabinets, so if you fill them up with food and dishes, eating in won’t just be a money-saving move, it’ll be making the apartment work for you.


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  • You want to live in a neighborhood with a dash, and this two-bedroom for $1650 in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens not only provides that (according to some spellings anyway), but it also has hardwood floors and bedrooms that can fit up to a queen size bed.


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  • It’s weird to us that this two-bedroom in Park Slope for $2295/month advertises how accessible Manhattan is from it. You’ll be in Park Slope, for crying out loud, why would you have to bother with Manhattan? You also get things like granite countertops, so if people didn’t consider you fancy previously, they will now.

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