It’s just like being there!

We were sad, just like everyone, when 5 Pointz got painted over and essentially destroyed. Even if it wasn’t an official museum, it was a colorful piece of New York City history and just plain looked cooler than whatever glass and steel condo will replace it. Fortunately for us, Google has stepped in where the Landmarks Preservation Committee failed to and has an archive of 5 Pointz art and history as part of their Google Cultural Institute.

The 5 Pointz archive is full of pictures of the art that covered the building, along with history of the building and brief bios about some of the artists who painted its walls. Obviously we’d rather have the actual 5 Pointz back, but at least we know it will live on forever on Google indestructible, omnipotent servers, until the day they go al Skynet on us.

In the meantime, if you want to see street art not on your computer screen, this roundup of street art to check out is still useful and perfect for the summer.

[h/t Brownstoner Queens]

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