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Homeward bound: 5 bars to get a taste of home in Brooklyn

South lets Austinites experience some Texan hospitality. Photo by Deena Atkinson

If you live in Brooklyn, chances are you once came from someplace else. And in this dog-eat-Crif Dog city, sometimes it’s hard not to give in to all those “Go back to Ohio!” taunts. Luckily, scattered amid Brooklyn’s zillion bars and restaurants, the borough’s got a few spots reminiscent of your hometown hangout you can escape to next time you’re homesick. Here are five bars and one eatery modeled after the place from whence you came.

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If you’re from…Chicago
Canal Bar
If you hail from Windy City, this cheap Gowanus drinking hole’s decked out in Bears and Cubs memorabilia, plus they air your sports games on Sundays, when all well drinks are $4. Draft beers run $4-$8 regularly, plus they serve Midwestern Dark Horse Special Black Ale. Sadly, neighborhood Chicago-style hot dog spot Crooked Tail Cafe closed last year, but you can still score a dog (and free popcorn)from the bar from time to time. 270 3rd Ave, Gowanus, 718-246-0011,

Photo by Deena Atkinson

If you’re from…Austin
Sure, the North’s nice and all, but sometimes there’s nothing better than drinking a little whiskey and rye under the watchful eye of a big Lone Star. This South Slope bar (and 13th best Brooklyn dive bar) has got about 70 bottled beers and a rotation of six on draft, plus PBR on tap for $3. The decor’s decidedly Texas-friendly, with Lone State license plates and local photographs adorning the walls. And if you’re craving some spicy Texan food, they serve up a mean grilled cheese dotted with jalapeños for $7. 629 5th Ave, South Slope, 718-832-4720,

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If you’re from…San Francisco
Mission Dolores Bar
If the name doesn’t say it all, the offbeat hodgepodge decor will. This Park Slope beer bar’s built with cool reclaimed material like an old school San Fransciscan haunt. And, while it’s no Dolores Park, there’s plenty West Coast present in the daily-rotating draft selection, like Breckenridge ESB ($6) and Stone IPA ($6). Don’t forget about the pinball machines, plus you can order tacos from Oaxaca across the street. 249 4th Ave, Park Slope, 347-457-5606,

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If you’re from…Toronto
The Canadian theme’s a little cheesy here, but this Williamsburg dive’s still a great spot to score some booze and beer from the Great White North. You can score $3 shots of Canadian whiskey, plus $4-$6 drafts of imported ales like Alexander Keith and Molson. And, of course, there’s an air hockey table, so you can pantomime a bit of Canada’s national sport if you wish. 559 Grand St, Williamsburg, 718-384-2835

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If you’re from…Baltimore
Lake Trout
This Williamsburg dining spot’s not a bar, but if you’re homesick for a good ol’ West Baltimorean fried white fish filet, this is hole-in-the-wall is the place to go. A classic battered lake trout sandwich (which is, naturally, not made with trout) runs $6.50, plus you can get Chesapeake-style crab cakes ($12.50), fries ($.3.50) and the aptly-named O’Malley salad ($3.50). The beer selection doesn’t include Baltimore brew Natty Boh, unfortunately, but you can drown your food in D.C.-style Mumbo sauce while you chow down beneath the old school Orioles decor. 160 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, 718-782-3474

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If you’re from…Manhattan
Wythe Hotel
We can all agree that Manhattan’s a different world, and just because you were born and raised only a subway ride under the East River away doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a taste of your old borough inside your new one. Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel’s got all the Manhattan fixings, boasting a Meatpacking District feel, fancy clientele, a Times stamp of approval and a snazzy rooftop. The prices are pretty big city, too, with cocktail drinks running as high as $14, but at least you’ll save on the subway fare. 80 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, 718-460-8000,


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    And if you’re from New Jersey, you can drink at the Gowanus Canal dive bar. No, like, you literally have to dive to the bottom of the canal to get to it.

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