4/20 open thread: Do you spend too much money on drugs?

Sounds fun! Especially the pot syringe part!

Wait, do you mean do I spend too much money on drugs? I don’t know, maybe? What do you consider too much? Aren’t caffeine and alcohol considered drugs anyway? Who’s asking?? Back off, I know my rights man! Ok, bring the vibe back around … So today is the high holidays, and if you don’t know what that means, just stop reading and go about your day, jump street. Below we’ve listed a bunch of things going on today, including stuff to do when you’re in the mellow mood, plus some freebies and deals on munchies.

But in order to scrape some sort of journalistic merit to this day before everyone starts dancing in circles in the park, let’s talk for serious for a second: how much money do you spend on drugs? Drugs of any kind, that is, and you’re welcome to argue whether alcohol is a drug (it is). How do you justify it when you’ve barely got enough money to make rent? Do these question make you paranoid? Don’t worry, you can be anonymous in the comments. 


First, know your rights: The Village Voice has an idiot stoner-proof guide on what to do if you’re spotted by the fuzz. Be cool man, be cool! Also, don’t buy that fake pot stuff. Jesus Christ, kids.

TimeOutNY lists the best things to do when you’re stoned, which includes looking at sparkly stuff (the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence), “enjoy the other kind of greenery” (Fort Tryon Park) and playing video games at the Sunset Park arcade, but is notably missing things like “get a phone call from your parents and enter a cocoon of existential panic.”

Or here’s an idea: Turn off the Aqua Teen Hunger Force and take your happy sunny self outside to enjoy the wonderful free beauty of our borough.


Gothamist rounds up a bunch of 4/20 food deals, including a Stoner’s Delight sandwich for $4.20 at JoeDough in the East Village, although all the deals seem to be in Manhattan, where apparently people also do drugs.


Roll one up!

Pizza: Two Boots is giving away free samples of its The Dude (that’s what you call it) pizza from 4-6pm today at all locations (there’s one in Park Slope).

Beer: Roll a “420” at Full Circle in Williamsburg and get a free Waldo’s Special Ale.

Cupcakes: Not free exactly, but you can get six Robicelli’s cupcakes for half-off today. They get it.


  1. havilah

    I spend $0 per month on drugs (including alcohol). Ugh. I’m the lamest. But whatever, addicts have feelings (and bills) too.

    I do buy an arguably creepy amount of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider.

  2. Channing Tatum

    Oh lord, this is like that survey I took where they asked me how many days out of the past 90 I’d drank alcohol and the answer was 87. It’s at least $100/month for pot. And then sometimes you just need to turn your brain into a pretzel and get some good ol’fashion LSD. Or mushrooms if you like stomach problems. And then sometimes you also need to stay up all night so you need prescription speed of any kind. I think the lesson here is that some months, I spend more on drugs than on groceries. But I also don’t think that’s TOO much.

  3. Tim, I totally don’t understand why we would ask people how much they spend on drugs and the only person who gives us a number is the one who spends exactly zero.

  4. Rachel DeLetto

    If we’re counting alcohol and caffeine it’s, well way more than I want to admit. Yes, this makes me paranoid about both my vices and finances. But I’m a friggin writer for chrissake. At least I quit the stupid expensive cancer sticks, right?

  5. kmooney85

    gee, like it’s not obvious who the guy using moniker of channing tatum is.

    i can’t afford drugs, but I take them if they are offered to me.

    I don’t smoke and I don’t have tattoos. But I think our next open thread should be, how much have you spent on ink? because some people’s bodies around here are worth thousands.

    I make cold-brew iced coffee at home, so I’ve cut down on that.

    I spend a lot on alcohol. I would guess, on a very social week, over $50.

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