Wednesday lunchtime linkage

Elmo’s accuser recanted, but your childhood is still ruined [AV Club]
Either volunteer electricians or price gouging ones. Worst. Lottery. Ever. [NYDN]
The Wonder Wheel lives! [AnimalNY]
LIPA’s chief is resigning and no one anywhere is sad about it [Runnin’ Scared]
Barclays is empty. But the real news is that Jerry Stackhouse has a job [NYT]
Time Warner is getting sued over its modem rental policy. Good [Observer]
Papa John’s is also getting sued, but not because of their pizza [Consumerist]
Car destroyed during Sandy? Oh hey, here’s a ticket [DNAInfo]
Donkey Sauce unsatisfying [NYT]
A thought piece on new Knick Rasheed Wallace [The Classical]

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