33rd District participatory budgeting voting opens this Sunday

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Gowanus needs a new community center, but will they get it?

Have you run through House of Cards and are in need of another political fix? You could always watch the superior Veep, but if you’re jonesing for a real life chance to get your politicking on, you could be in luck if you live in Stephen Levin’s district. Participatory budgeting project, which have been proposed and been mapped, are coming up for a vote all around Levin’s district starting on Sunday March 30 running through Sunday, April 6.

Yes that’s right, if you live in the 33rd District, made up of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Greenpoint, Vinegar Hill and parts of Williamsburg and Bedford–Stuyvesant, you’ve got a chance to vote for which of the many proposed projects get a piece of the million dollar budgetary prize. There are voting booths that will be open at different hours of the day in various locations of the district. But if you have a day job, it’s probably best to vote on weekend, because most of the voting booths close by 6pm on weekdays.

The projects themselves are all noble endeavors of course, from fixing the sidewalks on the Greenway to helping repair and reopen the Gowanus Community Center to getting North Brooklyn a bookmobile. As I live just outside the district, I’ll keep my trap shut on what people should vote for, but there’s nothing stopping you from lobbying your neighbors with favor-trading or trying blackmail them by exposing their deepest secrets if they don’t vote for the project you want. After all, even if this supposed to be local idealistic politics, someone’s going to twist it to their own horrible ends, and it may as well be you.

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