311 app will now find the crap you lost in a taxi

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Drunkenly lose your bagpipes in a cab? How embarassing! But, there’s an app for that. via Facebook

We’ve all been there: drunk in a taxi and praying you don’t throw up in the backseat, you then run our after paying and manage to leave your wallet, a shoe and your favorite Mets hat in the backseat. Oh no! You don’t want to actually go through the indignity of calling someone and asking for all this stuff, and you also can’t remember the medallion number. You’re in luck now though, because the 311 app has a new update that allows you to submit all the stuff you lost and see if a cabbie turned it in, even if you don’t have the medallion number.

The app, which is free and wouldn’t hurt for you to have anyway, has a new section in their “Complaints” sidebar. If you can remember the taxi medallion number, it’s a little bit easer, but otherwise, you just fill out a form with where you were picked up and dropped off, what time it went down and what it was you lost. Then you just submit your plea for help and hopefully someone in a taxi garage mentions they’e got your stuff. After all, without your lucky Mets hat, how will they ever win 90 games this year?

[h/t Josh Greenman]

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