Is $250 too steep a price to cure your hangover, medically?

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Not worth it? via Flickr user Toms Baugis

We’ve all had hangovers, and we’ve all had really bad hangovers. You know the ones: you can’t keep any solid food down, getting out of bed sounds like an Olympic-level competition and the very thought of what you drank the night before sends your head back into the puke bucket. You’ve considered selling your soul to make it go away, but would you pay someone up to $250 to jack an IV into you? A new Upper West Side urgent care center is betting you might.

To be fair, Care Urgent Care, an urgent care center opening on the Upper West Side, isn’t only going to be providing hangover support. But talking to DNA Info, co-founder Dr. Jake Deutsch said that aside from problems like asthma, UTIs and broken bones, Care Urgent Care would also have a couple rooms in which they’d hook hungover (or “dehydrated”) patients up to an IV to provide fluids. If you don’t have insurance, the IV would run you about $250. Which to us, is more than we’d pay for any way to get rid of a hangover, especially since bloody marys or the Anthony Bourdain treatment both come in so cheap. Then again, it’s easy to say that when you’re relatively young.

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