25 gifts under $25, No. 24: Orgasm in a box (for him or for her)


Everyone loves orgasms, on this, we think we can all agree. It’s the reason we’re all out trawling bars or Tinder or Grindr or getting help from subway matchmaking people: so you can find someone to give you an orgasm. Problem is, sometimes you can’t find someone else to give you an orgasm (rude). Fortunately for you, the sex-positive folks at Babeland don’t think you should go without one, so they’ve put together a twenty dollar orgasm in a box, one each for dudes and ladies.

The Orgasm in a Box, for him comes with a Tenga Egg penis sleeve, which apparently you put over your johnson when you’re smacking it around, some lube, and a vibrating cock ring which will both delay coming and rub against your partner’s clit if you’re not just playing single player. The Orgasm in a Box for her comes with a Silver Bullet vibrator (batteries included) and a Bunny Tickler attachment, with which one provides slow, rhythmic stimulation to the clitoris. You might not end up having the Christmas you want, but with a gift like this, at least a few minutes of your Christmas will feel good. Orgasm in a Box (for him or for her), $20 from Babeland (462 Bergen Street, Park Slope) or online

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