$25 and under gift No. 15: Brooklyn’s first bourbon

Shopping for the locavore on your holiday list has been a pretty easy task recently, though one item had long been missing from BK’s offerings: hard booze. Brooklyn is home to coffee roasters, great breweries and a budding wine culture, but you used to have to leave the confines of the borough to find the stiff stuff. Until earlier this year, that is, when King’s County Distillery became the first licensed distillery to open in NYC since prohibition. Now, the distillery’s batches of moonshine are available at several liquor stores ($20 for a 200 ml bottle), while its first batches of bourbon can be purchased ($23 for 200ml) directly from the headquarters in East Williamsburg.

The company describes the bourbon as “sweet, with a balanced oak flavor,” with “notes of clove, cinnamon, and caramel.” Looks like a great stocking stuffer, and you wont’ have to worry about the food miles that other bourbons take to get here all the way from Kentucky.


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