What type of vagabond describes you?

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For no other reason than it’s Friday and there’s not much else going on and this list tickles my pickle, please enjoy this rundown of the various types of vagabonds there are, as identified in a 1566 book, “A Caveat or Warning for Common Cursitors, vulgarly called vagabonds.” This is probably one of the first recorded history of modern brokester classification, which also leads to some anti-brokester hateration. Out of these 23 types, I’d probably be an Abrams or a common Rogue, though all I’ve ever wanted was to be a Palliard (once I meet a cute Doxie, that is). Which one are you??

via Lists of Note via BoingBoing.

1. Rufflers (thieving beggars, apprentice uprightment)
2. Uprightmen (leaders of robber bands)
3. Hookers or anglers (thieves who steal through windows with hooks)
4. Rogues (rank-and-file vagabonds)
5. Wild rogues (those born of rogues)
6. Priggers of prancers (horse thieves)
7. Palliards (male and female beggars, traveling in pairs)
8. Fraters (sham proctors, pretending to beg for hospitals, etc.)
9. Abrams (feined lunatics)
10. Fresh-water mariners or whipjacks (beggars pretending shipwreck)
11. Dummerers (sham deaf-mutes)
12. Drunken tinkers (thieves using the trade as a cover)
13. Swadders or peddlers (thieves pretending to be peddlers)
14. Jarkmen (forgers of licenses) or patricoes (hedge priests)

Of Womenkind:

1. Demanders for glimmer or fire (female beggars pretending loss of fire)
2. Bawdy baskets (female peddlers)
3. Morts (prostitutes and thieves)
4. Autem morts (married harlots)
5. Walking morts (unmarried harlots)
6. Doxies (prostitutes who begin with upright men)
7. Dells (young girls, incipient doxies)
8. Kinchin morts (female beggar children)
9. Kinchin does (male beggar children)

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