The 2018 Brooklyn & Queens Beer Books are here! Buy today for $5 off

It’s Cyber Monday and we are giving you a first crack at the 2018 Upper Brooklyn Beer Book, Lower Brooklyn Beer Book and Queens Beer Book with a special $5 discount with code CYBER through midnight tonight!

The Beer Books are not just a steal that more than pays for themselves, they’re a guide to the discovery of new beer purveyors throughout Brooklyn and Queens. The books are $30 each (or $25 if bought today with the discount!) and contain 30 coupons for a free beer at 30 different bars. That’s a lot of free beer!

Plus, do we need to mention the holidays are arriving and you may want to buy an awesome gift (Beer Books!) for that special someone in your life?

If you figure that most of these places charge at least $5 for drafts, even during happy hour, you’ll save enough money using your Beer Book coupons to buy the rest of the gifts on your holiday list.

The Beer Books go fast, so buy yours today for an immediate bar knowledge boost. Shop now.

Warning: You may become low-key obsessed with your Beer Books and find yourself bringing them everywhere with you, rescheduling your social life so you can drink at Beer Book bars. Or so we’ve heard.


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