Crown Heights

Bicycle Roots will take $20 off your tune up until New Year’s

bicycle roots
Damn son, you could use a tune-up. via Flickr user hugovk

It’s winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop riding your bike. Let’s not forget, subway platforms and bus shelters are still cold as hell, so at least if you bike you’ll be actually moving through that cold air. Your bike might need a little love to be in tip-top shape to get through all the winter crap that’s gonna hit your streets, and your pals at Bicycle Roots (609 Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights) will help you do just that, with a coupon for $20 off a tune up that’s good until the end of the year.

From now until December 31, you can get a tune-up for $20 off on either your fixie or your multi-speed bike. For a fixie, that means a tune-up will run you just $35 and for a multi-speed bike your tune-up will cost $55. On the one hand, maybe you’re thinking that $20 isn’t such a huge deal, but on the other hand, you can get some decent Christmas gifts for just $20. Or at the very least you can get more New Year’s liquor with an extra $20. Plus, your bike will be set to ferry you through New York’s hellish winter and away from people saying “Boy we sure could use some global warming now, huh?”

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