$2 hot toddies suddenly make winter seem worth it

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Drink of me and be warm

Winter. Ugh, winter sucks, and even if you like winter, it gets pretty miserable once it sets in. Like it’s doing now for instance! There’s a way to save yourself from it though, and that way is alcohol, of course. Problem is, alcohol usually costs money. But what’s this that just arrived in our inbox? Williamsburg’s Battery Harris is offering $2 hot toddies, all day, every day, for the whole winter? Hey let’s all quit our jobs and go drinking these RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, in some kind of act of charity or attempt to turn more people into alcoholics, Battery Harris (64 Frost Street) will be serving up $2 toddies the whole winter. Not for happy hour, not Mondays and Thursdays only, every day, all the time. What will you do with the money you save buying these drinks instead of higher priced ones? Well, we’re just gonna spend that money on more drinks, but hey, maybe you can make better decisions than us!

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