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1935 subway car for sale on eBay cheaper than an apartment

subway car for sale
Cheaper than a fixer upper. via eBay

Have you been looking for a way to permanently stay in New York City, but are discouraged by the prices and your total inability to get a decent mortgage? Join the club. Your savior may have arrived though, in the form of a man selling a 1935 R6 subway car on eBay. On the one hand, it’s a bit of a fixer upper. On the other hand, if you can park this somewhere and fix it up, it’s way cheaper than a fixer upper.

According to theĀ Daily News the subway car was once used at seating in a deli in Staten Island, but when the place closed, current owner Sal Pallante moved it first to his Bushwick scrapyard and now down to a Canarsie auto lot. Now, at $24,000 and with no current bids on eBay, it’s time for you to embrace your destiny and become the person who lives in the subway car house. There are a couple obstacles along the way, like having to pay for transporting your new home yourself and finding an out-of-the-way spot that’s out-of-the-way enough, but you’re handy and adventurous, we think you can do this.

We’re not kidding. Well, not completely, because we now live in a world where people make homes out of shipping containers and trash receptacles, because your traditional places to live are just too damn expensive. Plus, it’s about time some lousy fucking millennial finally lives out his Boxcar Children fantasies except with less mysteries and more getting up to go to work each day and explaining to confused delivery guys on the phone that “It’s the fucking subway car in the empty lot how do you not see this?”

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