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12 things to do this weekend: whole lotta Gov edition

This weekend: whoop it up at another Jazz Age Lawn Party. Flickr photo via PaulSteinJC.

1. OK, so you don’t know how to draw. But you DO know how to drink, so maybe the latter will unlock the former. (Friday)

2. Sure you say you’re interested in the theatre, but we know you’re really interested in the theatre’s free Lagunitas happy hour. It’s cool, that’s why we’re here too. (Friday)

3. “Fireside Follies” makes us think of something going terribly wrong while laying on a bearskin rug, but it’s actually a well-regarded reading series. (Friday)

4. Volunteer at a street fair, help your community! Or, just go to the street fair and stuff your face with fried dough. (Saturday)

5. Has ANYTHING bad ever come from mixing mini-golf and a couple pitchers of beer? (Saturday)

6. Someone wrote a book about day drinking? Sigh, back to the drawing board. (Saturday)

7. Fort Greene wants you all to know: they can read. (Saturday)

8. Remember all those girls in high school that told you you were beautiful on the inside but not really boyfriend material? Your time has come. (Saturday)

9. Travel back in time at Governors Island, to the Jazz Age, the days of megaphone crooning. Or as they called it in their day, megaphone crooning. (Saturday and Sunday)

10. Or get a little more modern with Tiki Disco. In the words of some guy that Tim met there, “I’ve been to Carnival. I’ve been to Ibiza. I’ve been to Berlin. Tiki Disco is the craziest freaking party I’ve ever been to.” (Sunday)

11. Finally, the borough’s food trucks get together in one spot, so you can stop chasing them all over the place. (Sunday)

12. Learn to wrap dumplings. It might save your life one day. We’re not sure how it might, but you never know. (Sunday)

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