$100,000 in Brooklyn, $83,394 in Cheyenne?

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Live cheaply in Cheyenne, where The Wrangler is their Barneys.

We love Brooklyn as much as the next web site and probably more, but who doesn’t have some kind of escaape fantasy of picking up and heading to, say, Cheyenne, Wyoming? And what does it take to afford a town like that?

CNN.com answers that question with a totally addictive calculator that lets you compare how much you’d have to earn in another American city to maintain your current lifestyle. If you now make $100,000 a year (shouldn’t you be on Richlyn.com instead?) you’d need to pull in only $83,394 a year in Cheyenne. (They don’t have a Fairway, FYI.) How about some other cities?

Towns that cost more than Brooklyn include Honolulu, where you’d have to earn $134,121 per year. Los Angeles and San Francisco continue the trend of high-cost Pacific living, requiring $120,316 and $140,034, respectively.

Right on par with Brooklyn is Kodiak or Anchorage Alaska, where you’d have to earn $102,000.

Other cities are definitely Brokelyn-approved, well at least monetarily. You can get by in Georgia for three quarters of what you spend now in Brooklyn ($79,305 in Atlanta, $72,916 in Americus). Then there’s Omaha, Nebraska, where you could get by on an unintimidating $71,774.

So thanks to the Internet, we now know how much life in Brooklyn is worth. We used to say millions, but that was before we heard Pittsburgh was $76,053.

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