10 reasons why you need to move right now

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It’s time to go

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Any city-dweller will tell you that finding that right apartment is the toughest thing in the world. You’ve sublet-hopped through Craigslist or lived with friends of friends of friends and finally found that perfect apartment with the passable roommate. Then a month passes and the bloom is off the rose. Warning signs start popping up and you’ve realized you’ve made a big mistake. To help you recognize them, we’ve categorized the top 10 best (or worst) reasons you need to move now.


Breaking BadYou’re watching “Breaking Bad” and your roommate says, “Ah, this brings back memories.”


Walking DeadYou’ll lose your deposit if your roommate implements his zombie defense system.


DeliveranceThe creepy guy who hangs outside keeps telling you you have a “purty mouth.”


poltergiestremake101720125The broker wasn’t kidding about that Indian burial ground.


The ShiningThe wild young twins who moved into 237 aren’t what you expected.


GhostbustersYou can’t afford the $5,000 containment fee anymore.


Half BakedThe guy on the couch now has squatter rights.


GirlsYour roommate’s parents stopped supporting her.


Arrested DevelopmentYour actor roommate finally got a gig, but now the cat’s covered in blue paint.


Game of ThronesBecause a Lannister always pays his debts, but is frequently late with the rent.

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