The 10 best things to do this week, Harvey relief edition

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Dance it out for hurricane relief with Denitia (#1). Photo via Facebook

1. Jam for a good cause at The Jelly’s Relief for Houston, featuring Jypsy Jeyfree, Starr Busby, Ava Raiin, and Denitia. (Monday, C’mon Everybody, $10)

2. Give in to nostalgia at Totally ’90s Trivia, with questions covering music, movies, TV, fashion fads, toys, and even teen crushes. (Monday, Way Station, FREE)

3. Be awed by artistic ladies at Women Are From Venus, an art show with performances hosted by the 1718 Collective and the Vandal Hour. (Tuesday, Living Gallery, FREE)

4. Have a splendid celebration at Jenny’s Monthly Birthday Party, a comedy and variety show with stand-up by Jessy Morner-Ritt, improv by Insignificant Other, music by Matt DeCaro, and more. (Tuesday, Artichoke Bushwick, FREE)

5. Construct cool creations at Drink & Drawbots, a night of imbibing while building robots that can do the drawing for you. (Wednesday, Open Source Gallery, $20)

6. Hear about some bleak times at Blackout Diaries, where comics and regular folks tell true tales of their drunken exploits — with photos and videos to back ’em up. (Wednesday, Cobra Club, $10)

7. Spend a trashy evening at Compost Bin, a queer cabaret and burlesque show starring Miss AuroraBoobRealis, Sister Selva, ExHOTic Other, LaTrine, and more. (Thursday, Starr Bar, $15)

8. Get rowdy at Shouting at the Screen, where Wyatt Cenac and Donwill screen a blaxploitation film and heckle the film the entire time. (Thursday, Alamo Drafthouse, $15)

9. Dance into the wee hours at I Feel… Aphrodite’s Temple, with music from Rey & Kjavik, Hils Hinrix, Pony, and Carmel. (Friday, Secret Bk location, $20)

10. Rock out for peace at Concert Across America to End Gun Violence, featuring the Electric Mess, Tyler Keith, and Jonny Couch’s State of Mind. (Saturday, Hank’s Saloon, $10)

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