10 Brooklyn Instagram accounts you should follow today

Double tap some Brooklyn 'gram love. Photo by Halopigg.
Double tap some Brooklyn ‘gram love. Photo by Halopigg.

Sure, Snapchat is the hot thing with teens and DJ Khaled, but Instagram is still our favorite way to view the city through our phones. Most of us might use Instagram to post the same picture, in the same pose, 30 times a year, hoping people will like it just because you’re pretty (you would be right).

Thankfully, there are some Instagram profiles we like to see because they actually put beautiful photos of other things: some give us the chance to see our borough through new eyes, highlighting the hidden beauty or capturing light glinting off brownstones at just the right moment. To make your Instagram experience just a little more interesting, we picked the 10 best local Brooklyn Instagram accounts that are full of ‘grams you can’t help but double tap. 

1. @ltrainvintage

Japan Velvet Jacket ! Now available @ 629 grand street

A photo posted by ltrainvintage (@ltrainvintage) on

Just look at that sweet jacket. Not many people on this planet can truly pull off such a piece, so we recommend thinking twice, well maybe more than that, before heading to any L Train Vintage clothing stores and getting it. Even though might be able to pull that jacket off, it doesn’t mean we don’t keep an eye out every time a new photo pops up of this Brooklyn staple chain of uses clothing stores (the best in thrift shops in the city, in our opinion).


2. @Bushwickblues

I’ve worked the longest shifts this week. Glad the weekend is here. A photo posted by Gaby (@bushwickblues) on

Thankfully, Gaby, aka Bushwickblues, moves away from the neighborhood that gives her the first part of her name. There are some great shots of Bushwick throughout her IG, but she moves onward to places in Lower Manhattan, giving it her vision of a muted, city where beauty rises out of the bleakness.


3. @SakiWaki

Everyone has that photographer friend who knows how to make them look good in photos (not in a creepy Terry Richardson type way). These photographers just seem to always put you in a certain pose, in a certain spot that makes you look so … cool. That is what Saki seems to do effortlessly. In between documenting her life and putting up cute pictures of her dog, Saki serves as not just someone with great looking photos, but someone who can hopefully inspire you to put a little ore effort into taking pictures of whats around you, instead of just selfies and memes.


4. @Halopigg

If there is a new street art mural in Brooklyn, you can be sure that Daniel Weintraub (aka Halopigg) will either be there before it’s done or be the first person there. He always seems to know just where to find these new pieces and be the first to post them on Instagram. Who needs to check art sites when all you need to do is follow the Halopigg to find out when your favorite street artist has a new mural in Brooklyn?


5. @VinniesBrooklyn

Vinnie’s, with locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is New York City’s No. 1 place for pizza-based puns. Its special boards are stuff of legend, so follow its Instagram account to stay up on the latest artwork and specials (they’ve got great vegan pies too), plus other important pizza news, like the creation of its now-famous pizza topped with pizza


6. @PattyJ

Happy Birthday @lec101! Ever day I’m rustlin’ – leaves A photo posted by patricia (@pattyj) on

Patty goes long periods of time without putting up anything new, but we would like to think it’s because she is super specific about what she shares. In reality, it’s probably because she has responsibilities and doesn’t need the instant satisfaction many of us crave (lucky her), but when she does post, it’s worth the wait. You’ll find lots of artsy and well-composed shots from around the city and the world here.


7. @Swoonhq

The official Instagram of Caledonia Curry, one of the world’s most popular street artists. She posts the work she completes in her Red Hook studio, which goes on the streets and galleries around the world.


8. @TheRealJaxieee

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” #⚡️ A photo posted by ℐaxx (@therealjaxxieee) on

A great, unpretentious account that has portraits of the photographer and the people in her circle as they experiment with colors and styles. Follow Jaxx for beautiful slices of the city and the beautiful people in it.


9. @OhChai

Brooklyn based photograher Chaya Selzer is the queen of the Coney Island sunset picture. But you can also see her photography talent shine through in clever uses of color and her great eye.


10. @Photodre

  Lizzy of @williamokpo for @oxosi #35mm   A photo posted by Andre D. Wagner (@photodre) on

Sticking mostly to black and white photography, each portrait Bushwick photographer Andre D. Wagner takes is a bit of old school in a modern setting. The portraits and slice of life shots give a classic New York feel to modern city scenes.

Which Brooklyn Instagram accounts are your favorites? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to follow Brokelyn on Instagram too. 

Custom made fortunes for custom made futures by @makemorefresh at #firestonefest. [📷: @meghannn]

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