Yelp wants to show you Prospect Heights

You don’t need a TARDIS to get there, but it doesn’t hurt. Well, unless it does, like in every Dr. Who episode. via Girl Gone Geek

Prospect Heights is a neighborhood on everyone’s tongue nowadays. Sure the suburb, just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Michigan has had its ups and downs and…sorry, that’s Prospect Heights, Illinois. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn though, is a neighborhood we all love, even if we don’t know we’ve been there. Home to the Brooklyn Museum, nerd bar The Way Station and a little more than half of Grand Army Plaza, Yelp is out to make sure you’ll know you’re there from now on with their Passport to Prospect Heights event next week, from October 22-28.

The Passport is a weeklong celebration of the neighborhood that’s not Park Slope yet not Crown Heights, and includes deals and events from businesses around the neighborhood, like brunch favorite The Sunburnt Calf, ice cream slangers Ample Hills Creamery and the nearby Prospect Park Zoo. We’re partial to next Wednesday’s pickleback appreciation at Woodwork, where you can get a free pickleback with any drink. Which, we were unaware people took them with anything but whiskey, but that is why life is a constant learning experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into Brokelyn’s Poet Laureate.

The deals around the neighborhood require you to check in with the Yelp app, or you can just mention the Passport if you don’t have a spacephone, and include 25% off a starter kit from home brew pros Bitter and Esters, buy one beer get a second free at Cornelius and a free handful of barn food at the Prospect Park Zoo, which, hey, free food. What? There’s no law that you have to give it to the animals.

For all the deals, events and participating vendors, check out the Passport to Prospect Heights page, and remember, if a guy with an English accent invites you into the TARDIS, sci-fi rules say you have to do it.

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