It’s like, life goes around in a circle, so why not make it literal on the New Year’s Eve. via Flickr user Kilgub

Last month, we mentioned that the Wonder Wheel would be open on New Year’s Day for the first time in its 95 year history. That’s exciting, and some of you might already be making plans about how you’ll manage your New Year’s Eve substance abuse so you can make it to Coney Island and ride the Wonder Wheel. Now we’ve got even better news: The Wonder Wheel will be open on New Year’s Eve also, and it’ll be free to ride. Finally, a chance for you to sing “Auld Lang Syne” on a Ferris wheel and not have people look at you like you’re crazy.

According to an announcement from Wonder Wheel Park, the wheel will be spinning from 9pm to 11pm on New Year’s Eve, with every ride going for the low, low price of 100% free. As with the plan to offer rides on New Year’s Day, this plan depends on the weather cooperating, but the way things have been going weather-wise, it seems like the biggest thing you’re gonna have to worry about on New Year’s is digging your jorts and basketball jerseys out of the closet for the occasion. That being said, if you’ve got New Year’s plans, it’ll only run you $5 (with 50% of the proceeds going to Coney Island Polar Bear charity partner Camp Sunshine) to ride the Wonder Wheel on January 1.

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