Who’s your favorite Brooklyn barber?

Picture 49You’re a man, you live in Brooklyn, and you need a haircut. Your last barber got a little scissor happy and you ended up looking like a militant state trooper. Even by your traditional male standard of absolute indifference to appearance, you were too embarrassed to show your face at your Tuesday night Bocce game. But this time you are determined to get your hair done right. And what you need is the affordable barber who can translate your hairy vision—long on top, short on the sides, keep it curly, bed head, fade in the back, frosted tips, trucker mullet, whatever your request might be—into a satisfactory reality. We pose this question to our readers, male and female alike: where does the wallet-conscious Brooklyn gent get a well-done hair cropping?

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  • Hair Care by Yolanda on E 4th at Ft Hamilton Parkway. I’m sure she would be my sister’s choice as well.

  • Lana’s barber shop, on Henry St. just north of Union. A barber shop, not a salon. Lana has been there for 30 years, cutting the hair of seemingly every guy in the neighborhood. She’s friendly, funny, affordable, and gives the best no nonsense haircut I’ve ever had.

    • Thanks, guys. Do you know the prices of these places? Can all commenters put them in if you have them? Thanks!

  • Depends what you’re getting, but Lana’s usually about $15. Tip generously.

  • BROOKLYN GENERAL BARBER, 144 Bedford avenue
    at North 9 th street

    Been going here for about 4 years, show up, sign the list, and either come back in 30 minutes or sit around and take in the old style barber shop, the male barbers will do a nice hot shave of your neck with a straight blade, makes you feel like a million bucks. Prices are 15-25. Usually some good reggae music playing. They also do kids cuts!


  • I’ve been to barbers (including the one above on North 9th) such as the guy on Union and Metropolitan, I’ve been to barbers in the city, I’ve been to a popular guy in BK Heights…and more often than not, I spend more money for jibber-jabber than a professional cut. I just go to Tomcats and ask for Joey, Mike, or anyone. Regs can kick back with a shot and a beer, if you’re lucky.

  • I go to Image Unisex Salon-Spa on Joralemon btw. Clinton and Court. It’s about $20 bucks, and I’m never unhappy there. But I’m also incredibly unpicky, so there’s that.

    I also enjoy going there so I can make someone else say: “I don’t feel like an orange right…hmm…why could that be?” and then I say: “I don’t know, it might be because…JOR A LEMON!”

  • Also, for old school neighborhood Barber shop magic, I recommend Rey’s Hairstyling on Smith St. btw. Douglass and Degraw. Rey himself gives a great cut, though the younger guys are more questionable. Also, it’s an interesting window into what Smith street was about 10-15 years ago.

    Plus in the evening, they clear away the barber shop and it become a salsa dance studio. No Joke.

  • Headmasters @ Kingston and Pacific. $12 for head and beard. Ask for Ray. :)

  • I live in Park Slope.

    For guys : Park Slope Barber (7 ave between 3 and 4 sts). $20 for big guys and about $10 for little guys ;)

    For gals : Joseph’s (7 ave between Prez and Union). $30 cut & blow, nobody can beat that price on the Slope, methinks.

  • I go to Leon’s on Newkirk Plaza. Leon is great – gives me a great haircut and trims and shapes my beard (with a scissors, not a lawnmower), shaves the edges, uses a hot towel, and if you let him will give you a vibrating shoulder massage (I usually pass on that). $24, and a very pleasant experience (ask him to tell you about his son, who is a ref for the NBA!)

  • The Professional’s in Sunset Park one stop from Atlantic.
    I would go with Dennis or Lou if you need a full cut…..

  • Derek at Tomcat’s in Greenpoint is awesome. It’s a rockabilly themed barber shop at 20-30 bucks a cut, but Derek doesn’t necessarily specialize in Rockabilly styles. He does anything and he does it well and he’s a nice guy.

  • I’ve been going to Andy Starkweather for years. He’s currently working at Deluxe in williamsburg on Metropolitan and N 4th.

    He’s absolutely the best. Men’s grooming is his specialty. He’s given me everything from historically accurate 1940’s haircuts to a perfectly shaped natural look. He does some editorial stuff so he can style like a pro, but never goes too far. Don’t walk, RUN!

  • I’ve been using David’s Barber Shop since I moved to Brooklyn Heights in October and haven’t been disappointed. They do a good traditional cut and hot lather neck shave. Cost is only $14. They are located on Court, four blocks south of Atlantic.


  • Barbershop by day, evangelical church by night, the Good News is the best. Though I’m loyal to Victor, the owner and preacher, the other barber Negro (seriously) is wonderful as well. And it’s always $15. I’ve been going here for a dozen years and they NEVER disappoint. Victor cuts both of my sons’ hair as well. Good News is on 3rd Ave. between Union and President. And you can catch Victor preaching in Spanish on BCAT under “Manna Church.”

  • I’ve got the best kept secret for short haired gals: Vincent’s barbershop on Cortelyou. Even though my friends gave me funny looks when I told them I wanted to try out a barber shop, it just seemed absurd to pay 40+ for a crappy trim every six weeks.

    I googled and googled and couldn’t find any reviews from short haired women (or queer folks) who frequent barbers — but heard good things about Vincents and took the plunge.

    Vincent is a genius. Which makes sense, because the man has been cutting short hair since the beginning of time. I made some vague hand motions and asked him to take a little off here and there, shape up the cut I already had, and he did a GREAT job — better than any of my more expensive cuts I’ve received. He tackled the curl on the side that always stuck out, and miraculously succeeded. All this without the frilly wash, poofy blow dry, and tedious chit-chat. Vincent was efficient, courteous, and gave a great trim that has grown out well. And he totally didn’t laugh at me for being a girl in a barber shop.

    All for $11. Tip him well!

  • I second the Vincent’s on Cortelyou recommendation. I moved to Ditmas Park less than a year ago, and have become a loyal Vincent’s customer ever since.
    Best $11 haircut ever, including a straightrazor neck clean-up.

  • Vespa Salon in the South Slope (15th and 7th Ave) is great. Reasonable prices, family vibe, but nutty too. Ask for Sergio.

  • we’re in 2010, can we get past the heteronormative bull crap? women, men, gender non-conforming, genderqueer folks go to barbers too.

  • Dvir Salon on 97 Bond St (between Atlantic and Pacific). I go there 3-4 times a year and every single one of the people there is excellent. I’ve been going there for over two years now.

  • Vincent and his son are both incredible. Vincent’s all day, every day. You’ll wait forever to get your cut, but that’s because they take absurd care to give you the best service imaginable. I couldn’t dream of a better barber, and $11 is practically highway robbery.

  • A caveat here: Aaron Davis is real stylist, not a barber. Truly stellar. Until recently he was at Boy Luv Girl salon on Atlantic Avenue getting $70+ and he had quite a loyal following. Now he’s offering “Mens and womens cuts just $40 from my apartment in Midtown” — check out AARON DOES HAIR on Facebook… that is, if you’re willing to shell out more than $10 for your hair… and go to Manhattan.

  • Derek over at Tomcats in Greenpoint is the man. $25 get’s you a solid haircut that will last you for months. Oh, and free beer while you get your haircut. Awesome.

  • damion haircutters on court street and 2nd place.

  • After reading this I tried Vespa Salon on 15th and 7th Ave. Was great – got an excellent cut with friendly service. Not the cheapest option – but not too expensive either.

  • Is there a barber out there that is sensitive to the Black, proud, elderly lady who wants a natural haircut that exudes femininity?

  • My Brooklyn haircut master is Margo from Charm beauty salon on Kings Hwy

  • Regarding Vincent’s Barber on Cortelyou Road – I’ve been going there for more than 25 years. Great cut, $12. For short haired ladies – be advised that they will turn you away in certain instances. If they’re packed it’s unlikely that they’ll put you in the line-up, but go in the middle of the day & you’ll be fine.

  • I had the WORST experience ever @ LANA’s BARBER SHOP 523 Henry St. in Brooklyn, NY (posted by Adam).

    Lana was initially nice, but one of her customers that came in AFTER I was in the chair being serviced was RIDICULOUS! He was very disrespectful and impatient. He started YELLING (yes, literally) because she was taking too long to cut my hair, to the point I had to call the cops for his harassment! Unfortunately, when I asked Lana for the cross streets to direct the cops, she REFUSED to give them to me, which left both of us in danger, as this guy KEPT coming in and out yelling threats! In the end the moron left and we were able to move on.

    I felt rushed and Lana had lost faith in her work, and nervously left me with a rough cut. I had to go to another barber shop and get another cut completely. Lana is NOT the best for ethnic hair, BUT she will definitely try her best.

    Just fyi.

  • Check out The Stepping Razor Barbershop.
    Call for appointment.
    Dub music, surf rock vibes, skill full haircuts, professional attitude. L train to Morgan ave. exit on Bogart st.

    257 Varet st.
    inside Post BMX shop

  • exotic cutz at 2204 fulton st between easternpkwy and rockaway ave have da best barbers in there and one thing i like is they give u facials and a hot towel shave after your haircut and da guy name gotti da barber is da best barber in  that shop and that area u need to stop by there one day you will love it  

  • lorimers barber shop @684 lorimer st.Alex is the best barber,he is very experienced and attention to detail.he is a hidden gem thats being slowly discovered check him out on yelp,5 star rating try him and its only 15 dollars

  • Cutmasters Brooklyn Barbershop
    432 Avenue P
    Brooklyn NY 11223

    This has to be my favorite all time barbershop. I have gotten a haircut from every barber in there and have never once been disappointed. They carry a selection of unique and high end haircare and shaving products. The music is always eclectic and great and the vibes are always warm and positive.

    One of my favorite things about this place is its location. The neighborhood is a hidden gem in the sea of Brooklyn hype we’ve been seeing. There are a number of great stores in the area including a clothing boutique and skateboard shop (Campus Mercante) a personal training studio (Concrete Fitness) and a great place to grab an authentic Italian Espresso (Franks Pizza). There is even a budding street art culture including a rather well publicized mural to the late MCA of the beastie boys.

    Oh and did I mention this neighborhood is right off the F Train (avenue P stop)

    Definitely worth making a trip out to Avenue P to check out the barbershop and the neighborhood.