Fire dance with them

The 90s are inevitably back. Not only is that fact apparent in a Brooklyn electronic music scene, streaming techno tunes with an obscure 90s disco base, but also in nostalgia for those days permeating culture. From fashion to television (especially television), the 90s are making a huge comeback. As such, it should come as no surprise that one of South Williamsburg’s finest, Passenger Bar, is throwing a Twin Peaks dance party whose organizers are promising to transforming the bar into the Black Lodge on Wednesday night.

As the party organizers themselves note, “while we move into April showers season, there’s no better time to throw a party where someone spins a bunch of unsettling, Lynchian records while Twin Peaks projects are being overhead, right?” Right. If you’re wondering how you should dance to the music that’s going to be playing during the party, well, why not just take a page out of Leland Palmer’s book?

PLUS, to give the party that extra dash of authenticity, you’ll be able to choose a couple of Twin Peaks food staples to help power your dancing. There’ll be some of Agent Cooper’s favorite, cherry pie, for just $5 served , served up La Pirata Kitchen. The pies have a contemporary spin though, as they’re vegan. You’ll also be able to chow down on various grilled cheese sandwiches, for $8, but it sounds like if you want a butter-and-brie one, you’ll have to make it yourself for pre-dance party consumption. It all starts Wednesday at 8pm, so remove and all malevolent spirits possessing your body and get out there and have some surreal fun.

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