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The rise of Williamsburg is directly linked with the L train’s ability to quickly ferry neighborhood residents into Manhattan. This codependent relationship, like most codependent relationships, has both entities reliant on the other for their rep, their functionality and their popularity. What is Williamsburg without a way to get to it? How is the L train any more useful than the G train if it doesn’t go to Manhattan?

Thus, the MTA’s planned 15 month shutdown of the Canarsie Tube in 2019 will likely be devastating for the nabe. For anyone who’s ever relied on the L to get somewhere, y’all know it’s hellish enough already. Enough sad talk though: We’ve got a full summer of mostly-functioning L train service ahead of us and now is time to party.



Beer Book bar and restaurant Midnights, a North 6th St. institution who’s good reputation will hopefully help retain its patronage in the incumbent L-pocalypse, know’s what’s good and is taking the time remaining to celebrate Giving No Fucks and Being An Independent New Yorker Who Doesn’t Need An L Train To Support Them.

Their Who The L Cares party (“The train is down. But we’re not!”) and Memorial Day BBQ this Monday, May 29th, will feature no cover, a live DJ, cheap cocktail and grub galore. There’ll be $8 cocktails, $5 beer, $7 burgers & chips, $10 crab rolls and $3 cauliflower tacos + music and games. The party will be hosted in the venue’s outdoor garden.

In case you’re not convinced, Midnights included a formal reason why you should come in their invite, that being, “Because we’re more reliable than the L train, and smell better.” That’s a pretty low bar in all honesty, but this still sounds lit.

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  1. The last I heard, the shutdown is planned to start in April 2019. Has something changed or is the author just uninformed? This article references next year for the shutdown.

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