02/23/17 11:26am
Ruthie Darling Vintage Clothing

We are living in a vintage world, ladies. Photo by Ruthie Darling/Brokelyn at Risk

Vintage shopping has long been the perfect way for millennials to stay chic and save money. As a part-time fashion blogger myself, I love to create new outfits, but being a financially challenged freelancer, I have to find clothing on a seriously low budget. I’ve been hitting up some Brooklyn neighborhoods in search of the coolest vintage at the cheapest prices. This week I’m in Bushwick, and here is what I found. (more…)

08/17/16 3:21pm
It's National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.

It’s National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.

It seems like every day there’s a new made-up holiday. Some of them, it’s hard to figure out the motivation behind why they exist, like, National Middle Child Day, for example, which apparently was on Aug. 12. Others, it’s obvious were created with the intention of getting us to buy shit. At least today’s fake holiday, #NationalThriftStoreDay, is in the name of a good cause, encouraging the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

And in New York, donateNYC has taken the reins, partnering with dozens of secondhand stores around the city where you can either donate goods or purchase them used. Today’s efforts are also in support of the city’s 0x30 initiative, which sets the goal that by the year 2030, New Yorkers will contribute zero waste to the city’s landfills.

If the mission behind #NationalThriftStoreDay isn’t enough to incentivize you, there are a few deals to get you out there thriftin’ and giftin’. And hey, today could be the day you finally find that perfect vintage summer dress. (more…)

[Drunk] dress to impress! via Facebook

[Drunk] dress to impress! via Facebook

If you’ve ever harbored dreams of running a vintage shop, let us give you a two words for surefire success: FREE BEER. And wine. And a big one-day sale with major discounts on key items like winter coats and flowery dresses. We promise, you’ll be BIG (and maybe a little broke). Park Slope vintage spot Odd Twin‘s doing just that this Friday, with a major sale celebrating their four-year anniversary complete with complimentary wine and beer. Because why not accidentally spend your electric bill cash on a leather jacket after a few plastic cups of Malbec? (more…)


Other than the good news about the New York Aquarium re-opening, stories about Coney Island are almost always sad ones about another piece of weirdness leaving the neighborhood. In this instance, finally, we can report on something coming back to Coney from its old carney past. A shooting gallery from the 1940s is coming out of retirement to amuse us all and test our hand-eye coordination. Finally, all those hours of Medal of Honor pay off. (more…)

06/27/12 6:47am

If you’re coming to our Summer Camp Party Thursday night and can’t find your jorts, don’t worry. Maresa from Dusty Rose Vintage — our official photo booth sponsor — will be on hand at the actual party selling bunk-friendly t-shirts, tanks, short shorts, swim suits, Hawaiian shirts, ’80s sunglasses, bandanas and trucker caps, with no single item over $20. Why bother wearing your Camp Lackawanna best instead of whatever you happened to wear to work? All kinds of good reasons, including this one: the winner of our campiest photo contest (photo booth courtesy of Brokelyn’s very own Sarah Bibi!) will go home with a $30 gift certificate for Dusty Rose Vintage gear — to look sharp for our next party. Follow Dusty Rose Vintage on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

11/28/11 3:26pm

krrb photoAre you Krrbing yet?

Krrb is a fun, new and, dare we say, addictive new online venue for buying, selling and swapping stuff with your neighbors, and they’re kicking off the holidays with  a 12 Days of Gifting Give Away.

Krrb, a sponsor of ours, is an all-in-one garage sale, flea market and local classifieds where second-handers, crafters, collectors, artists, designers, artisanal food-makers and buyers can connect.  (more…)

09/11/09 1:32pm
Some of what you can expect at the Re/Dress trunk show tomorrow.

Some of what you can expect at the Re/Dress trunk show tomorrow.

Re/Dress is a Brooklyn plus-size vintage and contemporary second-hand store we’ve been meaning to write about for a while, and here it is in a nice little NYC fashion roundup in the Times’ excellent frugal travel blog this week, so thanks, Matt Gross.

If you’re one of those people who thinks vintage dressing is strictly a skinny girls’ game, you probably haven’t seen this Boerum Hill shop, where the Times found “clothes by everyone from Target to Marina Rinaldi, with prices generally hovering between $20 and $80.” Some is vintage, some is Lane Bryant resale and the like, but none of it is smaller than a size 14 (but beware that’s about a size 10 by 1950s standards.) (more…)