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Today: Get deals at secondhand stores around the city via National Thrift Store Day

It's National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.
It’s National Thrift Store Day! Make like Macklemore and pop some tags. Photo by Jess Keefe.

It seems like every day there’s a new made-up holiday. Some of them, it’s hard to figure out the motivation behind why they exist, like, National Middle Child Day, for example, which apparently was on Aug. 12. Others, it’s obvious were created with the intention of getting us to buy shit. At least today’s fake holiday, #NationalThriftStoreDay, is in the name of a good cause, encouraging the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

And in New York, donateNYC has taken the reins, partnering with dozens of secondhand stores around the city where you can either donate goods or purchase them used. Today’s efforts are also in support of the city’s 0x30 initiative, which sets the goal that by the year 2030, New Yorkers will contribute zero waste to the city’s landfills.

If the mission behind #NationalThriftStoreDay isn’t enough to incentivize you, there are a few deals to get you out there thriftin’ and giftin’. And hey, today could be the day you finally find that perfect vintage summer dress.

–At Habitat NYC Restore in Queens, everything is 25% off all day today. If you’re moving this month, might be a good time to pick up a piece of used furniture or drop one off.

–Goodwill stores throughout the city are offering 15% off. Find the location nearest to you here.

–For any item you donate or purchase secondhand today, take a photo and tag @donatenyc and #thriftstoreday on Instagram for a chance to receive prizes from the likes of City Winery and the Bridal Store, among others.

Visit donateNYC for more information on secondhand stores, businesses and nonprofits where you can donate or buy used in NYC. 

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