04/25/16 10:21am
The sign that once hung outside Supercollider. Photos by Scott Steinhardt.

The sign that once hung outside Supercollider. Photos by Scott Steinhardt.

If you’ve ever stepped off the train in South Slope/Greenwood Heights/whatever, you passed Supercollider and probably didn’t even realize it. Their signs in front of its location on Fourth Avenue between 17th and 18th streets were always barely lit and hard to read. The adjacent buildings were all but vacant and plastered with poison warnings. Even when compared to the mostly-desolate stretch of Fourth Avenue north of the bar, it still seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere.

But hidden behind its humble entrance was a large, friendly place that served as an offbeat hangout for people looking to get more than a few drinks in them, creative types looking to hone their craft and everyone in between. They were all strangely drawn to the allure of a lonely little bar in a part of town where places with more notoriety were only a block away on Fifth Avenue. It was rarely, if ever, packed to the gills, affording passersby and regulars alike a place to chill, listen to a blissed out, dreamy soundtrack and hide away for a bit in its dimly lit atmosphere.

But Supercollider abruptly shut its doors last week to make way for another condo project, further proof that small bars with a large artistic following will eventually cease to exist in favor of upscale living spaces, costly storefronts, and stylings that strip character from a neighborhood and turn it into more of the same. (more…)

10/21/15 9:46am
Judah Friedlander has some pictures he'd like you to see

Judah Friedlander has some pictures he’d like you to see

Oh, hello there. I didn’t think anyone would be around, doing nerd stuff like reading today, what with the sudden onset of spring-like weather hitting again and chasing away any thoughts of fall moving its stuff in and getting comfortable. That being said, you’re here, so at the very least I can let you know some good stuff to do tonight that I found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You could even get out there and do it wearing a t-shirt. (more…)

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Follow these tips and you too can be killing it on stage at the Inspired Word open mic. Via Facebook.

Follow these tips and you too can be killing it on stage at the Inspired Word open mic. Via Facebook.

Ah, the open mic. That beacon of entertainment that calls to shore new performers, experienced musicians, and shouting naked poets alike to come flex their performance muscles in front of a (more or less) like-minded audience. Whether you are a seasoned pro or you can’t get up the nerve to perform anything other than your signature cover of “TV Party” at Punk Rock Karaoke, there’s a spot for you at one of New York’s best free entertainment venues.

You’ll find open mics everywhere in the country, but the best ones are here in New York — because the hosts are usually working musicians themselves. Brooklyn alone is home to hundreds of musicians who regularly strut their stuff at Cafe Edna or Pete’s Candy Store. You never know—the practice you get and the friends you make via playing open mics could even be the first step to booking your first gig at Baby’s All Right, getting your album on the shelves of Rough Trade, or grabbing a spot on the stage at Northside. You could even end up as the next Beck or Regina Spektor — both got their start at open mics on the Lower East Side. We talked to open mic hosts from all over the city to get the inside scoop on where to go, what to expect, and why you shouldn’t be nervous. (more…)


Roundy bartooned our own Tim Donnelly at our Beer Book release party at The Graham earlier this year

Some bars just look better on paper. Without the sticky floors, rowdy ex-frat boys and frustrated bartenders, your favorite bar sounds so much more idyllic. Bar Scrawl illustrates Brooklyn bars in their most perfect states, in a series of comics that bring you to your favorite drinking establishments without the tab.

Bill Roundy, also known as the artist behind Bar Scrawl, will be exhibiting his drawings at South Slope bar Supercollider (609 4th Avenue) for the month of September! Head out on Friday, September 5 for the opening reception, where you can drink a selection of 18 beers, the taps of which have already been illustrated by Roundy himself. (more…)

06/18/14 3:50pm
brooklyn summer movies

Yeah that’s cool, see movies indoors. We’re gonna hang out in Canal Bar’s backyard with Patricia Arquette and True Romance

It’s getting might hot out there, so you might be thinking all you want to do is hole yourself up in a dark movie theatre with its sweet, sweet air conditioning. The thing is, that costs money, and Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t come out until August. How do you entertain yourself until then and stay cool? When the sun goes down, these outdoor movies light up Brooklyn’s parks and bar backyards, so we think you should take advantage. After all, when it’s winter and there are no more outdoor movies for free, you’re gonna WISH it was 100 degrees out. (more…)

Spend a quiet Monday evening with these two ladies

Spend a quiet Sunday evening with these two ladies

The summer taketh away Tiki Disco, the summer giveth something else for us to do in June, with a slew of free movies being shown at South Slope’s Supercollider (609 4th Avenue). The movies will start on Sunday, June 8 and then go all month on every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. The them for Sunday movies is “Girls,” for Monday movies it’s “Overlooked foreign films” and on Wednesdays it’s “Not on Netflix.” If you want to see Edward G. Robinson fight Nazis, Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly as a lesbian couple or Leni Riefenstahl propagandize (and why wouldn’t you?) get to Supecollider by 8pm for these screenings: (more…)

supercollider star wars trivia

Christ man, you just got once question wrong, take it easy.

‘Sup nerds. Everyone furious or excited or just plain confused about the Star Wars cast photo that came out today? We’re busy working on our Adam Sackler/Jaina Solo fan fiction that we’d oddly been writing before the news came out today, but for those of you who want to get in on some Star Wars action NOW, you can go to Supercollider (609 4th Avenue, Park Slope) for Let the Wookie Win, a night of Star Wars trivia that only covers the original trilogy. (more…)