01/30/17 3:30pm
Renderings of 86 Fleet Place via CityRealty (left) and YIMBY (right).

Renderings of 86 Fleet Place via CityRealty (left) and YIMBY (right).

The dystopian present is here, and the winners of this just-opened affordable housing lottery will be able to watch the world burn from a cushy luxury rental in this glassy new apartment building. The Blade Runner-esque structure at 86 Fleet St. in Downtown Brooklyn has 29 newly constructed units set aside for those earning 60 percent of the area median income, which quite literally translates to The Middle Class of DoBro (so, one- to six-person families with a combined household income between $30,446 and $63,060 a year). (more…)

05/19/15 2:47pm
bill bratton

Bill Bratton, demonstrating the correct way to place your hands around a millennial critic’s neck. via Policy Exchange Flickr

As we love going over, lousy millennials can ruin pretty much everything, from soda to Hot Pockets to the great American institution of credit card debt. Since it’s a day that ends in “y” we have another instance of millennials ruining something, this time with the Post gleefully sharing Bill Bratton’s complaints about the fact that young people don’t understand the importance of Broken Windows keeping up enforcement of low-level, quality of life crimes. Yeah, well, Bratton probably doesn’t understand 3nder but you don’t seen us putting him on blast for the whole country to see, do you? (more…)

03/09/15 1:35pm
brooklyn dnc

It just won’t ever die. Photoshop of Chris Gigant’s photoshop by Curtis Glenn

With Philadelphia being the “lucky winner” of the DNC sweepstakes, we thought that Brooklyn was safe from political nominating conventions and their army of political nimrods wandering our streets. We (Brokelyn, specifically) even “danced a jig” according to the New York Times. Sadly, that touchdown dance looks like it was all for naught, because already political types are hyping up “DNC 2020 in Brooklyn,” crushing our hopes that we had driven the beast out for good. (more…)