12/11/15 3:19pm
You could be making yourself a summer moment by Monday at Selamat Pagi if you pick up a Brooklyn Wine Book this weekend

You could be making yourself a summer moment by Monday at Selamat Pagi if you pick up a Brooklyn Wine Book this weekend

We’ve been telling you about how awesome our cocktail books and wine books are recently, going over how for just $25 and $20 respectively, you can get bonus drinks at some of the best bars in Brooklyn. There’s no bad way to buy one of the books, which are available now and make wonderful gifts for you or your friend or both of you, but maybe you’re the type of person who hates online shopping because there’s a delay from when you buy your thing to when you have it in your hands. Good news: We’ll be hanging out at two holiday markets this weekend, selling cocktail books and wine books. (more…)

12/05/13 8:19am
bad credit no credit

Bad Credit No Credit doesn’t care about your credit score, but it’s not like they don’t realize its importance. Photo by Andrew St. Clair, via Facebook

1. What do you, not want to go to something called BeerFest and drink unlimited beers for three hours? You’ve changed, you’ve changed (Friday)

2. The Living Room is a standup and sketch show where you can see comedians work things out before you see them appear on your pictocube jumping box television (Friday)

3. Check out Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore, a lo-fi independent movie about a high school girl’s sexual awakening that will remind you how bad you were at sex when you were in high school (Friday) (more…)

11/22/13 10:03am
etsy handmade cavalcade

A scene from an Etsy Handmade Cavalcade of Christmas past. via Etsy NY Flickr

It’s almost holiday time everyone, which is personally my favorite shopping time of the year. It’s so exciting, and everything sparkles! Sugar and spice and everything nice! Lights! Trees! Of course, the holidays also means making a list of who you need to buy presents for; family, friends, bosses, significant others, your local bodega cat, your favorite bartender, your future New Year’s make-out partner… etc.).

Let’s make that shopping list easier to fill out by shopping local at the many Brooklyn markets this year. Who needs the crowds of tourists in Manhattan when you can take a leisurely stroll and attend many of these instead. Craft fair crawls are highly encouraged; bonus points are given if you can beat my record of going to five of these in one day. Plus this year there are added extra things do if you need a rest, such as playing black-light mini golf at The Brooklyn Night Bazaar and ice-skating at McCarren Park. Ready! Set! Shop Local!  (more…)

01/04/13 10:17am
Hopefully yours is made with something more effective than "love." Like tequila. via flickr user dasweetzpot

Hopefully yours is made with something more effective than “love.” Like tequila. via flickr user dasweetzpot

Even if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day all that much, you may be a person who makes and sells their own crafts. In that case, you’re in a bit of awkward position, since V-Day is an obvious time to boost sales and make a little extra dough. Plus, when it comes down to it, would you rather someone buy their loved one knock-off Ed Hardy cologne for Valentine’s Day or something nice from you? So our buds at Greenpointers are having a Valentine’s market and are looking for people to fill the space. Could be you. (more…)

12/20/12 2:13pm


If you’ve been procrastinating on your holiday shopping, don’t you worry, we’re here for you. While most of Brooklyn’s wonderful craft markets have packed up, to hibernate until next year, there’ still a few that can provide you with all the hand-made, locally sourced holiday cheer that you can handle. All markets open Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise noted.


12/13/12 8:00am

He doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, just that you’ve been smashing the state

1. Check out a punk rock holiday benefit show at the Trash Bar. It benefits punk rock people like drug users and sex workers. (Friday)

2. Head to Videology to meet the Feebles. They sound friendly, but the Feebles are actually puppets on drugs. (Friday)

3. Go folk yourself. By which we mean enjoy a lovely evening of folk music. What did you think we were talking about? (Friday)

4. Nothing says Christmas like fuzzed-out, wailing rock music. Wait, we’re sorry. Nothing says war on Christmas more than that. (Friday)  (more…)

12/16/11 3:00pm

5pm-1am (thru 12/17): the brooklyn night bazaar returns with independent merchants and food vendors, plus performances by the hold steady, fucked up, midnight magic, titus andronicus, lcd soundsystem’s james murphy (dj set), more. 149 kent ave (williamsburg), free, $10-22 for bands. (more…)

Occupy Wall Street has given our collapsing economy a lot of thought. Instead of getting ready for communism or weird corporate/autocratic rule, they’re planning for a future by looking to the past and dragging the barter system out of the shadows. OWS Sustainability and Evolver are hosting a Barter Bazaar and Skill Share on Sunday from 1pm to 9pm at City Life Wellness (75 Frost St. in Williamsburg), featuring workshops on everything from Guerilla Gardening to End Times Candle Making, a live demonstration of an energy bike and a holiday dinner. The organizers encourage everyone to bring their own items or skills to trade at the barter market, so you can finally foist your terrible CD full of acoustic Greenday covers off on someone that values it, in exchange for, let’s say, plumbing lessons. Workshop and vendor space is still available, so email owssustainability@gmail.com if you have ideas or goods to trade.

12/07/11 5:17pm

The Brooklyn Lyceum holiday market/Photo by Flickr's groundsel

As if Amazon’s anti-small-business tactics weren’t enough to convince you, here are more than a dozen reasons to ignore e-tailer spam and shop locally in Brooklyn. This year, holiday markets are popping up around Brooklyn like Swedish espresso shops, with added inducements like concerts, performances and booze. At Dekalb market, Santa’s even posing for photos in a shipping container. Beat that, internetz. Markets are free unless otherwise noted. (more…)