Even Occupy Wall Street has a holiday market

Occupy Wall Street has given our collapsing economy a lot of thought. Instead of getting ready for communism or weird corporate/autocratic rule, they’re planning for a future by looking to the past and dragging the barter system out of the shadows. OWS Sustainability and Evolver are hosting a Barter Bazaar and Skill Share on Sunday from 1pm to 9pm at City Life Wellness (75 Frost St. in Williamsburg), featuring workshops on everything from Guerilla Gardening to End Times Candle Making, a live demonstration of an energy bike and a holiday dinner. The organizers encourage everyone to bring their own items or skills to trade at the barter market, so you can finally foist your terrible CD full of acoustic Greenday covers off on someone that values it, in exchange for, let’s say, plumbing lessons. Workshop and vendor space is still available, so email [email protected] if you have ideas or goods to trade.

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