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Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

In these hard times, your friends all need a drink or two or 30. That’s why instead of buying the people on your shopping list or at your office Secret Santa some crap they’ll never use, you should instead give them something they really want: free beer.

We have a limited number of our Queens Beer Books still available for purchase — buy one today to get yours in time for the holidays! Each one contains coupons for more than 30 beers at more than 30 of Queens’ best bars, breweries, restaurants and beer halls for just $30. And if you’re shopping for someone who’s looking forward to the carefree days of summer, you can grab one of our Brokelyn summer tank tops too. (more…)

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Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

Cannot kill the family; buttery is found in me

As you surely know by now, Brokelyn has a pronounced pro-pun bias. What you may not know is that we are also in the pro-metalhead camp (as this reporter’s first, third and fifth concerts were all METALLICA). This is all why the tasty creations by Williamsburg’s Better Off Spread caught our eye: Not only are the names of each item infused with heavy metal themed punditry that would have Dimebag Darrell rockin and rollin in his grave, but the vegan, organic spreads themselves are pretty damn delicious. The sweet (Master of Peppermints and the pumpkiny Cashew the Bell Tolls) or savory (the spicy Jalapeno Be Thy Name or the peppery Ace of Spice), concoctions are good enough that they’re meant to be served as their own appetizers, but you can just as easily throw them on a sandwich. And you may have seen them in our raffle at last week’s No Office party too!

$11-$13 each, or get the Master of Peppermints two-pack for $20; available online or throughout NYC

12/14/12 8:12am
Photogenically intoxicating. Tres Brooklyn. Photo via BkRV Facebook.

Photogenically intoxicating. Tres Brooklyn. Photo via BkRV Facebook.

Brooklyn branded booze is all the rave lately and everyone has someone on their gift list that appreciates presents of the inebriating variety. From gin to rye to wine to rum, bitters, beer, and bourbon,  you could probably cover your whole gift-worthy circle with cheer in a bottle. Brooklyn as a brand symbolic of “the good life” started with Brooklyn Brewery back in the 70s, but Absolut was the first to stamp Brooklyn on vodka. But that crap tasted like Spike Lee’s secret bathtub moonshine formula and was probably distilled in the vodka equivalent of a sweatshop. Brooklyn Republic Vodka is the true vodka of our borough. Distilled with New York wheat, the formula is blended and purified in small batches with Brooklyn tap water in the company’s plant near the Navy Yard. We don’t know much about vodka tasting (except that it mixes great with, well, anything), but the New York Times describes it as having a “clean aroma, bright flavor and smooth finish.” $24.99 (and under) available and liquor stores throughout Brooklyn.

12/13/12 11:15am

Being this handsome not guaranteed. Actually, never mind, we guarantee it.

What better way to spread your love of Brooklyn then by outfitting everyone you know with stylish digs from your favorite blog? The Brokelyn Apparel shop features an affordable selection of our premium logo tanks and tees designed and handmade locally by Brooklyn Royalty designer and Manufacture NY director Bob Bland.

Because people apparently don’t understand puns anywhere in the rest of the world, your giftee will get a lot of folks staring at their chest being like ‘Where’d you get that awesome Brooklyn shirt? Oh wait (double-take) “Brokelyn”?! That’s hilarious!’ Given this inevitability, we especially favor this green and orange racerback tank. Though, given that “everyone looks busty in it” maybe don’t gift it to your girlfriend or tween cousins. (more…)

11/30/12 7:30am

Tory Burch lunchbox, $19.99.

I know some of y’all are going to be like, what’s this Upper East Side looking thing doing on Brokelyn? OK so it’s not a WORD Bookstore tote, and about 95 percent of you won’t give a SHIT about this, but for the five percent who do, it’s essential public service on a par with no-insurance medical care or how to find an afforable lawyer or yay for free birth control! This classy little Tory Burch lunchbox is one of the 50 holiday gifts that drop in stores on Saturday (TOMORROW!) as part of the Target-Neiman Marcus holiday collabo. If you haven’t been keeping up with this, it’s where designers including Rodarte, Alice + Olivia, Skaist-Taylor, Phillip Crangi, Lela Rose, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs (don’t get too excited, he phoned it in) and yeah, Tory, came up with an exclusive line of limited edition gifts bowing at both stores. Here’s the whole freaking collection. And YES, I’m drinking that Kool-Ade, out of an Oscar De La Renta dog bowl in fact. Whether you order online or get behind me online at the Brooklyn Junction store at 8 a.m., there’s a limit of five items per customer. The Philip Crangi trinket box (#30) is for my mom, but you can have these Rag + Bone  shotglasses:  (more…)

11/26/12 10:07am

Holiday shopping is scary. Your couch is safe.

If you’re already bored at work and planning to prolong the shopping bonanza weekend, here are some deals to help you blow your rent online today:

  • ASOS – 30% off site wide with code CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL
  • Wine.com – 20% select gifts
  • Dolce Vita – 25% off site-wide with code GOBBLEGOBBLE
  • 3rd Ward – 25% off site wide
  • PBS – 30% off everything (your mom loves Downton Abbey and still uses DVDs)
  • Fairway –  Our Fairway drowned, but you can buy online for 10% off today (more…)
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What to get the friend who eats all of her freshly microwaved meals in front of Honey Boo Boo marathons? Or the one who doesn’t like all the different foods to mingle on her plate because she has OCD or some other eating issues? (Who doesn’t?) A duo of stoneware TV dinner trays make a great, oddly romantic gift for screen-side diners, as long as the recipient can withstand the pressure of having to come up with five discreet food items per meal. No, the beverage doesn’t count, and sadly, unlike its Swanson, foil-trayed ancestors, these trays don’t come with the apple cobbler built in. $24 for set of two at Uncommon Goods.

11/19/12 9:00am

The holidays are back and so  is our annual 25 under $25 gift guide. From Garbage Pail Kids to drinking accessories (oh so many drinking accessories), we’ve got it all and we’ll be posting a new one every day throughout the month, so check back often!

Hanging out with your family during the holiday season can be little boring without booze. Brooklyn day-drinking scholar Peter Joseph brings over 100 cocktail recipes and 25 food pairings in his new book, Boozy Brunch: The Quinessential Guide to Daytime Drinking. Joseph even includes a hangover remedies for those who take their boozin’ from brunch to dinner. $16.95 at Book Court, 163 Court St. 

12/23/11 12:31pm

Saipua winter citrus soapScented soap may not seem like the very height of gift-giving originality, but it’s really nice to have a stack on hand as a hostess present or to give out to the ladies when you’re on the hook for a crowd. And the fragrances from the Red Hook soap and flower shop Saipua are just delish: beautifully packaged, bright, fresh, vibrant, yum. The $10 bars come in Lavender Oatmeal, Peppermint Pumice, Winter Citrus, Salt Water, Mango Butter, Coffee Mint and more. Saipua is open today until 6 and tomorrow from 10 a.m. to noon at 147 Van Dyke St., conveniently located for that last-minute Fairway Run. The squares are also on sale for $12 at A. Cheng at 152 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope, which is open until at least 5 on Christmas Eve.

Brokelyn: pop chart beer poster

This is $25, but that's not the best part.

Pop Chart Lab’s mission is simple: to render all of human experience in chart form. Don’t know why we haven’t heard of, or partied with, this book editor and graphic designer in DUMBO before, (or maybe we have) but their posters are smart, goodlooking and still able to be delivered to Brooklyn tomorrow. Choose from the Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names, the Insanely Great History of Apple or the Periodic Table of Heavy Metals, (from AC/DC to Zyklon), all $25. Or go for “Very Many Varieties of Beer” because it comes with a chance to win 200 beers — one of every brew featured on the poster if you order by Dec. 31. Your only dilemma then will be to give them to the poster recipient or bogart them for yourself. (Your secret is safe with Brokelyn, as long as you invite us.) Order here. Beer giveaway details after the jump. (more…)