02/07/17 3:55pm
Via Tender Trap.

Via Tender Trap.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love with pink hearts and flowers and little cards that have pictures of a trains on them. That’s all kids stuff though. Skip the candy hearts this year and celebrate Valentine’s Day the proper adult way by taking in erotic dancing, shopping for sex toys and enjoying an open bar, all in one place.

So ditch the cute cards and give up on trying to get dinner reservations and instead check out Dirty, an erotic exhibit of photographs, paintings, sculpture, performance, vendors and video happening at Tender Trap in Greenpoint on V-Day. This year, Brokelyn is happy to help present Dirty, which is brought to you by our friends at Get Summered, who are proving an wild and sexy way to spend a day of art, music and dancing. It all starts at 7pm with a one-hour Lagunitas open bar; and we’ve got a special discount for you, because we ❤️ you! (more…)

08/19/16 3:42pm
When it gets to be the picture on the left, you'll wish you took more advantage of the one on the right.

When it gets to be the picture on the left, you’ll wish you took more advantage of the one on the right.

September is a stalking and devious predator, lurking just off the distance over the horizon, ready to pounce and ensnare you in its constricting flannels, outrageously long pants and infuriatingly pumpkin-spiced things as soon as a cool breeze rolls in. You may be looking at the temperature this past week and think a you would welcome a chill in the air, but your brain is deceiving you. Once the first cold snap tightens its grip around the city you will stretch the gossamer of your memory back to these days, these hot August weekends, and wonder why the foolish dolt that was Past You didn’t take more advantage of them.

Let us take this time to give you this public service announcement: Use these next few weeks to soak up as much beach time as you can and store it in your internal batteries until you need it later. It’s a good time to remember that our friends at the NYC Beach Bus offer the easiest way to get to the beach, without having to worry about train transfers, subway delays or crowded city buses: They’ll take you to the beach for just $15 round trip, and you get a free beer from Sixpoint or Sweetwater and other swag too. Plus, their Boerum Hill pick-up spot is selling homemade ice cream, AND you can now find our summer tank tops there while supplies last! Summer hard now, your future self will thank you.  (more…)

08/10/16 12:11pm
A boat, a beat, some beers and you. Say goodbye to summer with Get Summered's Fantastic Voyage cruise in September.

A boat, a beat, some beers and you. Say goodbye to summer with Get Summered’s Fantastic Voyage cruise in September.

Good news everyone! It turns out summer is actually not going to end this year. I talked with Sam Champion and Neil deGrasse Tyson, they conferred with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Katie Ledecky, JJ Abrams and Jacob deGrom, who ran the idea by the Obamas (Michelle, Barack and Malia) and Beyoncé , and they all agreed that it just ain’t right to give up our summer so soon just because the calendar will turn to September, so, fuck it, let’s keep this party going.

This is a relief because we’ve got many more beach days and summer adventures ahead of us, and not enough time to do it. One of those adventures involves our friends at Get Summered, the DJ crew who’s been bringing the party to the Riis Park Beach Bazaar all summer (and sharing their tips on how to make your own hater-proof playlist). Though we all agreed that summer isn’t going to end this year, they’re sending off the “official” calendar summer with a big-ass Fantastic Voyage boat party on Sept. 10!

The four-hour cruise features an open bar, a “floating mall” with food and vendors and, of course, hot tunes to sear in the memories of another NYC summer as you sail by the Statue of Liberty. Tickets for all this cost just $50, but Brokelyn has a pair of tickets to giveaway! Find out how to enter below.  (more…)

06/30/16 11:35am
Forces of Nature Dance Theater ready to rock the International African Arts Festival (#1)

Forces of Nature Dance Theater will take the International African Arts Festival by storm (#1)

1. Get your culture on at the 45th annual International African Arts Festival, a four-day extravaganza with music, dance, symposia, workshops, a food and craft marketplace, and on and on. (Friday through Monday, Commodore Barry Park, $5)

2, Immerse yourself in “a light and sound environment” at Sight Unseen, an experimental musical work by Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer. (Friday & Saturday, Issue Project Room, $15)

3. See some great moves at the SummerStage presentation of Maimouna Keita Dance Company, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing African culture and history. (Friday, Herbert Von King Park, FREE) (more…)

06/03/16 12:09pm
The Get Summered gang is here to get your summer started.

The Get Summered gang is here to get your summer started.

One of the first projects the Get Summered, an arts and DJ collective, did together a few years ago set the tone for the parties they would come to be known for. They created a hand-printed, three-month calendar that only went from June 21 to Sept. 21: a summer-only perspective after our own hearts. The DJ collective plays parties year round and city wide but they’re famous for pumping beachy vibes out of their speakers wherever they go, whether soundtracking dances at dives like Trophy Bar or kicking up the scene at McCarren Hotel pool parties.

“Our whole thing is bringing the city to the beach and the beach to the city,” said Dirty Boogie, a DJ and the group’s founder. “We’re creating this ultimate tropical metropolis with the idea that summer is forever.”

You can catch Team Brokelyn partying with Get Summered at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar throughout the summer, where we’ll be raging along with them in our tropical metropolis and hoping that summer-only calendar finally becomes real. Since they’re both partying and summer professionals, we turned to Get Summered to ask their advice on one of the most nerve-wracking elements of the season: How do you create a hater-proof summer playlist? (more…)

04/28/16 3:40pm
The city's hottest beach party is back! Check out the lineup for the 2016 Riis Park Beach Bazaar

Get ready to Get Summered: Your beach party this year is getting the Brokelyn treatment. Via Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

We’ve been gleefully beating the drums of the coming summer for weeks already but this is one of the announcements we’re most excited for: The Riis Beach Bazaar is coming returning this year! The inaugural Bazaar (an offshoot of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar) last summer brought music, great food, vendors and a chill party vibe to an underused stretch of beach and making Jacob Riis Park in Queens rival any beach town in California. Now it’s back for 2016 with a new the lineup of music, parties, volleyball tournaments and events — and us! Brokelyn and our colleagues at QNS.com are presenting some of the Get Summered dance parties throughout the season, so you’ll catch us down there on a handful of weekends (and a lot of other weekends too honestly, becuase the beach is best — there’s even campfires this year!). See the full lineup below: (more…)