07/26/12 12:09pm

May the beers be ever in your favor.

WTF is Modern Pentathalon? We’re about to find out: The Olympics opening ceremonies are on Friday where the Queen herself will open the games and 4.8 billion people around the world will tune in to see what Kate Middleton is wearing. The ceremony starts at 9pm GMT, which means 4pm in New York, however NBC plans to delay the airing of the ceremony until 7:30pm EST (ratings, duh). NBC will stream all 302 events in real time online and via mobile apps but only to cable or satellite subscribers, so we brokesters are SOL yet again (unless you borrow someone’s access code, of course). No matter, here’s a list of bars where you can drink international brews while cheering on Brooklyn’s local Olympians. (more…)

06/09/12 12:23pm

Now through July 1: party like these guys. Photo courtesy of LA Times.

The 2012 Euro Cup kicked off yesterday and runs through July 1. That means almost a full month of socially-acceptable day-drinking, hooligan antics, affecting accents, making sweeping generalizations about the essence of entire nations, superficially rooting for the team with the cutest players and impressing your friends with your new knowledge of European microbrews. During the group stage, through June 19, games air at noon and 2:45 daily. No (day) job? No problem! We compiled a list of where to get deals while you watch. (more…)

10/27/11 12:19pm

Gunpowder, treason and mushy peas

Revolution is in the air these days (as well as some pheromones. And a hint of tear gas). So it seems like this year’s Guy Fawkes Day party at the Bell House Nov. 5 celebrating the infamous British conspirator might be a particularly rowdy one, especially since some occupiers got hassled for wearing those V for Vendetta masks. Not only is the second annual Fawkes party free, but it also includes free British snacks from Chip Shop and gift bags from Penguin including classic Brit lit for the first 60 guests. You don’t even have to threaten a government building and put yourself on a terrorist watch list to get in! (more…)

This is the 29th in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we feature our penultimate bar by taking a trip over the Atlantic (Avenue) to visit those Brits at Chip Shop.

Photo by Flickr's Robert Alamo

129 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn Heights

What it is: Classic Brit, from Spotted Dick to Old Speckled Hen to Beatles/Bowie posters to the propaganda slapped on the tables and walls.

Why we love it: Something about gloomy Brits and their greasy, caloric, hoppy habits make us very happy. The beers are heavy and the room can get rowdy when a good match is on. (more…)

04/28/11 5:56pm

Watch the royal wedding for free, if you can stomach it. Image via Lydia Leth

Maybe you missed the buzz parade, but tomorrow the future King and Queen of America’s Motherland tie the knot. You’ve got your pick of a few spots to join the wedding revelry alongside Brooklyn’s biggest Anglophiles and British ex-pats. Why? Because your bank account is not nearly as full as you’d like it, nor probably your love life, and you need this reminder that a dude with thinning hair and family drama can still become king; and a girl with slightly better-than-average looks can marry him. And also because you haven’t paid attention to England since the Spice Girls. (more…)