01/07/14 11:02am

That warehouse building sold for ten million dollars (probably). via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

Say, have you guys noticed that sometimes it costs a lot of money to live in Brooklyn? We have, here and there. So thank goodness real estate brokers aptsandlofts just laid it all out for us in a helpful report titled “Our Take On Ten Years of Brooklyn Real Estate.” It’s not incisive biting analysis so much as it is the literature equivalent of being hit in the face with a hammer over and over again. Except the hammer is sales prices and your face is your wallet. And probably also your face. Anyway, Brooklyn’s become very expensive in ten years! (more…)

07/19/13 3:55pm
New signs will say "Zoned for rich people only." via Flickr user the real janelle

New signs will say “Zoned for rich people only.” via Flickr user the real janelle

Hey, remember those people who bought the million-dollar condo in Bed Stuy? And how we called them dummies? Maybe instead of doing that we should have praised them for getting in front of the crest of a wave. The Post is reporting that even outside of real estate fantasylands like Williamsburg, Brooklyn home prices are shooting up like a goddamn rocket to the moon. (more…)

02/06/13 3:00pm
Say hello to East Bushwick

Say hello to East Bushwick

Realtors have already made East Williamsburg — which, according to Craigslist, could stretch anywhere from the Graham L stop to the farthest corners of Bed-Stuy — into such a little monster the whole ‘hood’s about ready to break off from its Bedford Ave brothers and rule Brooklyn from its DuckDuck throne. But if you thought at least some of Bushwick was safe from this real estate madness, think again: developers say they think Brooklyn’s new hot nabe will be happening off the Halsey L stop, and they’re selling off major pockets of land to turn into fancy new homes and apartments for a new wave of gentrifiers. (more…)

01/17/13 11:35am
Williamsburg to Manhattan: a two-way street. Photo via Bikeable Communities.

Williamsburg to Manhattan: a two-way street. Photo via Bikeable Communities.

Well now we’ve really gone and done it: according to DNA Info, real estate prices in Manhattan are now lower than those in Brooklyn. Not everywhere, of course. That would just be ridiculous. But some realtors are saying that the numbers that once priced young artists and creative types out of Manhattan have the potential to create a reverse trend that will find former residents of expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods migrating to areas like the Upper East Side and Harlem. (more…)

01/02/13 10:02am
via Plurale Tantum

via Plurale Tantum

We all know that Brooklyn has been getting more expensive for years. You can use ridiculous attempts to make new neighborhoods, dubious development plans or hard data to support your claims. But just saying “things are more expensive” doesn’t always have the same shock value as pointing out exactly how much more expensive things have gotten. Real estate blog Property Shark took a look at the increase in home prices in Brooklyn since 2004 to find out just how much things have spiked. Unsurprisingly, Williamsburg came out on top with an astounding 174% increase in the price of a home per square foot. (more…)

12/06/12 2:00pm

This is not a neighborhood!

There comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself. When you have to push back against forces larger than you and say, “Enough! This aggression will not stand, man.” Unless you actually have an army, you have to pick and choose where and when you’ll fight these battles. But today, we’re throwing down the gauntlet, drawing a line in the sand and getting the knives out: RAMBO is not a freaking neighborhood. (more…)

Winter is a time to stay inside. Check out some of the best Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now to find your winter hibernation station. Up first, a taste of home in Greenpoint. Sure, no matter what you do, your apartment never feels as homey as mom’s house, but head to Diamond St., a peaceful, quiet block in Greenpoint, and feel like you’re Upstate, far away from the rough and tumble city lifestyle. This 1BR for $1850 Diamond St. includes heat, hot water, and even electricity. Snuggle up and bake cookies during the holidays with your boyfriend (or whatever) and then wash all the dirty batter bowls in your DISHWASHER!


• Moving right around the holidays seems pretty awful, but maybe that’s the secret to finding a good deal on awesome spacious pad because there are some great looking apartments in the Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now. First up we found this 2BR in Kensington for $2,100. With enough counter space for an artisanal buffet and a roomy living/dining room combo, plan on hosting the New Years party. A few blocks from the F & G at Church Ave., there’s even a little porch where you can sip hot toddies. (more…)

03/12/10 5:52pm
Find out how she got a huge room in Windsor Terrace for $200.

Find out how Emily Farris got a huge room in Windsor Terrace for $200.

We’re down in Austin for SXSWi interactive this week, on a panel called The Broke Diaries. (Thanks for inviting us, Nichelle!) One of our fellow misers is Emily Farris, the lifestyle editor of the Kansas City Free Press who used to live in Brooklyn and now rents a room in Windsor Terrace for $200 a month. Better still, she found this crazy deal on Craigslist.

Here’s a pic of her ridiculously spacious room, and how she wangled it: (more…)

10/09/09 1:36pm

Picture 2The Momasphere-hosted reading by Prospect Park West author Amy Sohn at the Richard Meier building went down last night to mixed real-estate reviews from Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and Effed In Park Slope.

Louise from OTBKB, who didn’t like Sohn’s book, actually liked the apartment. The reading was held in a third floor, four-bedroom apartment that “can comfortably seat 100 people,” she wrote, adding that “the kitchen had an enormous counter/island with some gorgeous looking appliances that sort of disappear seamlessly into the walls.”

Then there’s Erica from Fucked in Park Slope, who looooved Sohn’s book, but hated the apartment. (more…)