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So you've got bed bugs. Who do you need to tell? An infestation etiquette guide

Bedbugs: Not just a game. via Flickr user Mike Mozart

We’ve been talking a lot about bed bugs here at Brokelyn this month (an interview with Brooklyn’s bed bug queen, Brooke Borrel; a first-person account of getting a fancy hotel to pony up for a bed bug extermination), and we have one final important piece of the bed bug puzzle to add today: Who do you tell when you get bed bugs?

A lot of people who’ve had them say that finding out you have bed bugs is like finding out you have an STD. But are we talking HPV or HSV2? Who do you need to tell and why? Are you morally obligated to lock yourself in a clothes dryer until the menace dies down so that you don’t spread the infestation to others? Should you call out of work? Let’s break it down. (more…)

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Come learn about ! via Flickr user Azi Paybarah

There is a war going on, no not the one overseas and no, not the war on drugs, this war is much more disgusting; we’re talking about the war on bed bugs. After a peaceful few decades bed bug free, the city has been invaded by tiny little creatures that hide in your bed, bite you constantly and don’t even have the consideration to pay rent, or ask if biting is your thing. They have infested our homes and our trains; one brave soul is trying to find a solution to the bed bug problem, allowing herself to be bitten 18,000 times. Friday at the Brooklyn Brainery in Prospect Heights, come hear stories of how bed bugs have taken over everything from our bedrooms to the rock opera, as they host a reading, talk and Q&A with Brooke Borel, author of “Infested: How Bed Bugs Infiltrated our Bedrooms and Took Over the World.” (more…)

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This might work: a Hazmat suit and a thumbs up. Image via PhotoBucket.

There are two types of bed bug infestations: One marches into your home and takes over the room, while the other crawls into your brain and just won’t leave. It’s the itching when nothing is there, did that piece of lint just move kind of infestation — the paranoia induced by finding out that one of your neighbors has critters. Short of Scotch Guarding  all of your possessions (not recommended, BTW) and sitting alone in a HAZMAT suit, since friends are just walking carriers, what do you do to calm your nerves and protect your residence when bed bugs are discovered next door? (more…)

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We’ve already told you plenty about bed bugs: from avoiding hand-me-down critters and shopping without fear to getting rid of them on the cheap and knowing which buildings to avoid. If you’re still infested and too broke to take care of it, maybe it’s time to call in some major help from the people who brought you the Crocodile Hunter and Whale Wars. Animal Planet is looking for “extreme infestations” of any kind (roaches, raccoons, bed bugs, etc) in the city for an upcoming new reality show. They’ll set you up with an accredited pest control company for free, all while recording the process. Interested? Here’s how to apply. (more…)

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Ok, so we were pretty sure that we were all bedbugged-out on these pages… until we saw this incredible photo of the Pavilion marquee this morning on FiPS. We’ll let you read the story there, but we had to get in this shot, lest you miss the daring feat of letter-arrangement. And once your initial reaction wears off, you might want to note how well the prank title blends in with all the real stuff up there. If only they were in 3D! Read what happened here at FiPS, including the astute comparison to one character of JetBlue fame.

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Beddy the bed bug

Cute mascot, soon to be brutally gassed to death

Bed bugs are terrifying not just for their sci-fi levels of indestructibility, but also for the sheer cost of getting rid of them, which can run $1,000 or more. If the bug plague is threatening to grinch up your holidays this year, you may be in luck: NJ-based Bed Bug Central is offering a charitable holiday bed bug elimination program to people in rough financial situations who can’t otherwise afford it. To qualify, you have to write a 300-word letter to “Beddy Bed Bug” (seriously) explaining why your home could use the free service this season. Of course, the best bet is to not get them in the first place, but here’s how to apply. (more…)

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No doubt you’ve heard of the city’s little bedbug problem. The critters are basically everywhere by now, so it’d be easy to freak out and never touch another item that isn’t shrink-wrapped and certified “bedbug free.” But, of course, you gotta live, right? Our world of broke-dom is one of swaps, yards sales, vintage shops and used bookstores. We don’t want to have to give up on all this, but with bedbugs in the picture, we have to be extra careful. Because, really, we may be on our own. As one Park Slope vintage shop told us when we asked about anti-bedbug measures: “We don’t guarantee. The customer has to be responsible.” Here’s what a few other Brooklyn merchants have to say, and what you can do to protect yourself. (more…)

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Photo from mcbrooklyn

Photo from mcbrooklyn

With bed bug rumors creeping all over the place lately, it’s nice to see some of Brooklyn’s infested doing their honest part to stave off the spread. Mcbrooklyn checks in with the Bed Bug Registry today and lists the 228 Brooklyn residential addresses on record as being infested. That’s 228 good citizens who’ve willingly notified the registry of bedbugs in their abodes (or 228 bedbug infestees who’ve been ratted-out—we’re not sure). But in any case, people are talking and that’s only for the best. Because, hopefully, others will report their unwanted visitors, everyone will be well on their way to de-bugged and in the meantime, we’ll all know exactly where to give that extra wide berth on the way to the subway. Here’s the full list of addresses. And if you’ve got bed bugs, please—report them here.

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Photo by M. Potter, University of Kentucky.

Earlier this week, when we wrote about couch surfing, a wary reader—the Flatbush Gardener, as it happens—commented with one word: ‘bedbugs.” And that’s one word that strikes fear into most sane people.

Bedbugs are freaking awful. Brooklyn is the bed-buggiest borough, according to BrickUnderground, a site about homeowning in New York City, which got its numbers from the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Bushwick appears to be the hardest hit, with Carroll Gardens the least bitten, an estimate loosely based on bit-up people’s complaints.

They’re also expensive—a typical afflicted family can spend up to $5,000 or more getting rid of the critters, according to The New York Times. (more…)