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Sure it might be overcast and in the 40s for the next forever week, but we’ve got some news that should keep everyone warm until summer gets here: Fort Tilden, previously thought to be closed for 2014, is in fact going to be open in time to hit the beach this summer. The murder rate is down and Fort Tilden is gonna be open again? Welcome to #deblasiosnewyork.

DNA Info got the confirmation from National Parks Department spokeswoman Daphne Yun, who twice previously had to be the bearer of bad news. But this time, she told the site that a contract to clean up the beach had been awarded, and that work started to clean it up for hipster trash to enjoy it on Thursday. It seems like fitting news that New York is getting another stretch of beach back, after what has just been an absolutely shit winter, so even without an exact date for when the beach will be back, it gives us something to look forward to.

Also worth looking forward to: the first thinkpiece on how “Fort Tilden is over” and how it used to be so much cooler back before people knew about it.

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