Recycle undergarments for good, right here in Bra-klyn

We’re pretty sure you have one — or 10 — bras lying around that you bought at American Eagle because you were in a hurry and it was cheap. (American Eagle bras never fit right– they’re sized for preteens who hang out at the mall. You know that.) Good news: The Bra Recyclers can help. They’re a recycling company that rounds up old bras and distributes them to people in developing countries around the world. They’re holding a donation drive in BK this month. Listen, maybe you have a lot of #bkgirlproblems (LIKE A TON OF MOSQUITO BITES LATELY, AMIRITE?), but there are women in developing countries still plagued by the epidemic of bralessness.

And, would you believe it? August is Bra Recycling Month. Throughout the month, you can drop off your CLEAN bras at Caribou Baby, 272 Driggs Ave or mail them directly to the Bra Recyclers any time. Bra Recyclers encourages you to wash them before sending them in, so at least your bra won’t be covered in fresh pit sweat (Pit stains, however, are another story.)

If you are a do-gooder type with your own charity, you can even request bras for your ladies. Maybe this could be a whole new era of undergarment recycling for you. You could even start a cottage industry and make big bucks.

[via A Child Grows in Brooklyn]

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