Nerd alert! Topless Robot holding a meetup in BK

If you appreciate this, this meetup is for you.

In terms of procrastination-enabling websites, Topless Robot is pretty high on the list. The nerd-tastic content ranges from heart-warming nostalgic rankings (The 8 Nerdiest Reading Rainbow Episodes, the 10 Best Skits from The State) to things you never knew about pop culture (Non-Muppet Jim Henson Workshop Credits) to important current events in the geek world, plus stuff that’s just plain funny/cosplay-y/weird. So if you covet some IRL co-geekery, you’ll be happy to know Topless Robot is having a meetup this Thursday at the nerdiest bar in Brooklyn: The Way Station, from 6-10. Remember, nerd personalities are like the TARDIS: bigger on the inside.