A couple of months ago, we alerted you to the MTA’s new, much more politically aware and judgmental PSAs. Apparently that overhaul went so well that they’re taking a much more aggressive stance in their service announcements too. So next time you’re on a train and there’s a delay, you can expect an angry lecture about how the train will eventually be moving, but the world is full of uncertainty, MTA employees have to get dead people off the tracks and if you don’t like it, just move to some other shitty city with a worse transit system. Also check out the debut of the MTA’s new courtesy campaign posters, “Don’t be a baby, you god damn babies.”

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Take hope from paid advertising. Also, if straphangers could ride through the '80s, we can ride through this decade.


If you could hack off part of the subway's soul and feed it to credit card companies in the name of functional public transit, would you?


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