Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

No one ever said owning a bar in Brooklyn was easy. You’ve got people stealing your life preservers and urinal ornaments, lousy kids with their fake IDs and also hurricanes. Fortunately for all of us, legendary Red Hook bar Sunny’s has conquered that last one and will be reopening later this month after two successful crowdfunding attempts. Hooray for the providers of alcohol!

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the old, old old (it opened in 1890) bar will reopen on August 29, owner John Balzano’s 78th birthday. This comes after fans of the bar kicked in to fund a Kickstarter and then an Indiegogo campaign to breathe life into a bar, after the Small Business Administration couldn’t toss them any money. And despite the fact that it meant keeping the bar closed for almost a year, it worked out, since here we are talking about a reopening party. If there’s anything that represents stabbing Sandy in the neck with a screwdriver, this could very well be it, so make sure you’re there next Thursday.

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